5 tips and tricks for beginners with triangular strategy

Triangle Strategy is a brand new tactical role-playing game that has just been launched for the Nintendo Switch and serves as a tribute to old school tactical role-playing games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Tactics. Although the user interface and elements of the game have been simplified and modernized to make it more comfortable for the recipients, it can generally be a rather disappointing experience. Here are some Tips for beginners with triangular strategy to help him start with the right foot.

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Tips and tricks for beginners in Triangle Strategy

Tips for Beginners on Triangle Strategy

The battle in Triangle Strategy is quite frustrating in itself, but to get things done, the game is also very difficult when it comes to rewarding the player with money. Without money, you will not be able to update your weapons or buy accessories or any of the resources needed for updates before mentioned.

Even if you have small funds, you can of course explore different levels to find items, accessories and even money tucked away in the corners. Each time you take control of Serenoa in a chapter of out-of-battle history, you will have the opportunity to talk to all the NPCs in the area and even puzzle a little.

Be focused on the ingenious points that will shine every few seconds, close and interact with them by pressing the A button. You will be rewarded with any type of article or useful material, which is great because it is something less than you have to spend money that cost you so much. Be sure to search every inch of the area before leaving because there is no way to go back once you have completed your exploration.

2. Be careful with the updates of your weapons

Tips for beginners on triangular strategy

Tips for Beginners on Triangle Strategy

Weapon upgrades are the key to making your devices more resilient in Triangle Strategy, and they are also very expensive. In addition to costing a minimum of $ 500 for each update, the men’s rug must also provide the necessary materials, such as stone, wood or fiber.

As mentioned earlier, these resources can be obtained through level exploration and can also be obtained as battle buttons. Without restrictions, it is very likely that you will also have to buy from the grocery store in the Camp, especially as the amount of resources needed has increased significantly after your first update.

Because of this, you need to consider your options before proceeding with an update. Your first update for each device will be fairly inexpensive, but you will have a number of options available: damage production, physical defense, magic defense, HP augmentation, evasion, and more. I’m wondering what statistical updates would benefit that device in particular before you deselect it.

Get your mental struggles simulated

Tips and tricks for beginners in Triangle Strategy

There is no real way to raise the levels in Triangle Strategy, but you can participate in optional battles between chapters to help raise your levels a bit. Each time you enter a new chapter, return to Camp and work with the Hossabara Canteen. It will give you a new mental battle to try in each chapter, and it will give you quite important rewards, which include money and resources.

In general, it is also quite easy to overcome and also allows you to upgrade some of your most difficult devices. More importantly, the rewards they get from these will help them upgrade their weapons and give them more money to spend on new accessories and recovery items.

Use your Quietus skills

Tips for beginners on triangular strategy

Tips for Beginners on Triangle Strategy

This is something I would definitely like to memorize to use more often, but it does not impair your Quietus skills. Quietus unlocks quickly enough in the game when you gain access to the various artifact stocks in the camp, and its basic single-use skills that can give you a huge advantage in combat.

Quietus’ new skills can be purchased in Miscellaneous Shop in exchange for Kudos, and these include additional trips, massive cleaning and guaranteed critical hits in your next trip. These skills can only be used once per. combat, but they are extremely powerful, especially in the amount that unlocks multiple Quietus points, allowing you to use multiple abilities at once.

Tips and tricks for beginners in Triangle Strategy

Finally, it can seem like a big deal when you get your first Valentine’s Medal, and finally you can promote your first device. You can try to postpone any promotion until you have more time with the game, but do not wait too long.

The good news is that Valentine’s medals are easy enough to get; you will be rewarded for completing the battles of history and you can also buy them in the art shop several for only 10 Kudos for each one as long as Archibald has them in stock. You can probably not promote all devices in one game, but you can certainly promote a good number of them.

He picks up his favorite units and promotes them as quickly as possible so this will increase the maximum amount of TP stored and will also unlock even more abilities that they can use in combat.

they are all of us Tips for beginners with triangular strategy to help him start his journey. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver for more tips and information about the game.

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