4Sight and Startrail Destiny are the latest Travian games

The German editor Travian games has revealed that it is working on two new titles that will make their public debut at Gamescom 2018: 4 Syna strategy game with real-time PvP squares, and Startrail Destiny, a game of space combat. The two games are expected to hit PC in 2019.

4Sight and Startrail Destiny are online multiplayer titles offering PvP games

4 Syn is a strategy game with real-time PvP squares developed by the Shadow Masters studio in close collaboration with Travian Games. It is played from an isometric perspective and combines rich tactics with adrenaline-filled multiplayer action in unique scenes. Players must form and lead a team of four deadly mercenaries and battle against other players in crucial online battles. The members of the troupe are of all types and sizes and can be of six different classes, from francotiradores agiles to immensos guards. Once deployed on a mission, choosing the right tactics and taking advantage of coverage and altitude on the battlefield is the key to success in 4 Syn. Commanders will be able to personalize their mercenaries, equip them with skills, weapons and unique ammunition that will lead them to victory if used properly.

One Startrail Destiny, players will take command of various types of spacecraft, from cranes to small combat crushers, and will fight in battles with 5 to 5 teams to gain valuable resources and humanitarian surveillance. Players will be able to customize the objects they create, with hundreds of different modules, from fast bullets to advanced defensive shots. One Startrail Destiny, the discovery of Startrail changed everything and allowed the giant nodding ships to travel to the galaxy immediately and colonize new and rich planets. Without a doubt, this is a place of conflict and players are now in a desperate battle to be the first to discover the end of Startrail.

These games are among the most potent such as Crowfall (ArtCraft Entertainment) and Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues (Richard Garriott with Portalarium), as well as online browser games; Legends and Rail Nation. The editor is renovating and working on a number of new titles, and more games will be announced in the near future.

“With 4Sight and Startrail Destiny, we continue to work on taking a new and exciting direction for the company,” said Lars Janssen, president of Travian Games. “We hope society likes this new direction. We have no doubt that we will enjoy the two new games, which will include the same exciting mix of tactical games and competitive JcJ action that are already present in “Our current catalog of strategy titles. Like Travian Games, we are confident in the quality that our student partners will bring. This is just the beginning; our fans can expect new games that we will be announcing very soon.”

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