[25th Anniversary]All 52 episodes of the anime “Medarot” will be released for free on Youtube! In a rebroadcast format that delivers one episode every week!

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the release of the first game of “Medabots”, it has been decided that all 52 episodes of the anime “Medabots” will be released free of charge on the Youtube channel, one episode every week.

Click here for the official Youtube channel

seriously! ? Don’t watch!

Medarot Nattsui
I played games and watched anime

One episode each week. funny.

Straight ahead without deviating!

Medarot nostalgia

I think Medabots was as popular as Pokemon at the time, but it suddenly fell out of fashion. I wonder why

Already 25 years… Karinchuwan

Very nice picture now

I’m happy because it’s the work that triggered me to become an otaku
But deliver it on Friday evening at 18:00, not Monday

It’s harder to rebroadcast than Beast

People who have never touched Medabots should watch it if they don’t mind

I couldn’t live a big life, but I’m happy

I messed up Medabots on the Game Boy…

Medabots anime is free delivery oh oh oh!
I have to make this a weekly routine!
Yaruo runs round and round

Seriously, it’s already been 25 years since the first Medarot was released…
Before I knew it, I had become an old uncle…
Husband who does not do it backwards cigarette counter

Medabots Classics Plus Stag Beetle Ver. -Switch

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Medarot DVD-BOX

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Medarot 9 Stag Beetle Ver. – 3DS

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