2022 “Rich Companies” Ranking, Same as final yr, No. 1 Nintendo

Japan’s “Rich Companies” Ranking: Who is No. 1, beating out “Fast Retailing” and “Shin-Etsu Chemical”?

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・Risk Monster Co., Ltd., which supplies providers associated to company credit score administration, introduced the outcomes of the eleventh “Rich Company Ranking” survey.

・Based on the most recent monetary outcomes after the monetary outcomes for the fiscal yr ended April 2021 disclosed as of July 1, 2022, the quantity of “net cash”, which is the precise money readily available after deducting interest-bearing debt from the corporate’s money and deposits When evaluating 3330 firms,Continuing from the earlier tenth survey, 1st place was “Nintendo” (1,206.5 billion yen)It says.

・The firm that performed the survey defined, “From the results of this survey, it can be said that there are many companies that ‘even though corporate performance is good, they are saving cash rather than using it because the business environment is uncertain.'”

On the opposite hand, “Although it is necessary to secure enough cash to respond to unforeseen circumstances in an uncertain situation,The top companies in this ranking are all highly stable and excellent companies in Japan, and should be the driving force behind the economic recovery in the future.When the new coronavirus is over and the economic environment of concern improves, I hope that these companies will actively use the cash they have accumulated to support the economic recovery.” ing.

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