19-year-olds spend more than $ 13,000 on microtransactions

Microtransactions can create dependency problems

The average Kotaku has conducted an interesting interview with a 19-year-old player called “Kensgold”, who has spent more than $ 13,000 on microtransactions in the last few years. Her open letter to EA was published on Star Wars: Battlefront II subreddit: “My options are different, and so is my ad. Maybe someone should have told me about the dangers before I started.”

For nearly six years, the teenager spent money on microtransactions of games like The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, SMITE, among others. I felt that needed spend money on staying competitive. This last sentence, which I marked in negrita, is the key because many games are designed for it, so if you want to be at the competition height of the rest, pass the box. Sorry.

“You feel like you’re trying to make a good decision when it comes to spending those dollars,” Kensgold said. “But at that moment I thought, where else can I use it?” I had no remorse or anything that would make me say, ‘You idiot, hold on’ ‘.

The problem for Kensgold has reached such a degree that he sought professional help and now he has stopped buying into games. Now I would like to help others who may be in the same situation:

“The main reason for making my release was not to criticize EA or any of the companies that do this, but to share my story and to show that these transactions are not as innocent as they really are, “Kensgold added. “You can take it on a safe path. It’s not like buying a chicle in the store.”

All this interview was quite shocking with the false statements of Take-Two, who through the mouth of Karl Slatoff, its president, went to the polls to give his point of view at the box office.

“We do not see all of this as betting,” Slatoff said when consulted at a conference on the Swiss Credit brand. “Our vision is for the most part the same as ESA’s, so let’s let the potential legislation on all of this be its course.”

“As far as the consumer is concerned, the urgency we are experiencing in the market right now is about the content and the way it is delivered,” the directive recalled. «It’s about making games centered on the ability to keep players hooked, and that must be our strategy, and that must be what we focus on. As long as it does not lose perspective, things will be good and the consumer will be very happy with what it offers. You can not force the player to do something he does not want to do. “

“What you need to do is give the best out of yourself in time to create the best possible experience to retain your players and do it to create good value propositions. That’s how we’ve worked so far, and that’s how we will continue to do it ”.

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