10 ways to beat Thanos

This guide will tell you how to run Thanos. It has nothing to do with the pestañas.

Derrotar to Thanos with different methods

What you need to know before trying to hurt Thanos.

It’s big and purple. He’s a big brain, but you can be a bigger brain. Knocking will not work. Remember that Doctor Strange only has 14,000,000 futures. Don’t live ALL possible futures. So here there are 14,000,000-14,000,000 futures.


Why hasn’t anyone tried to disappear? With a gun, not a blaster. Just take a weapon, make sure you don’t see it and throw it away. Dimming with light does not work. If a knife had killed him, knowing he could have made a weapon. And don’t let him know you’re getting rid of him, or he’ll get you off burbujas (what happened to him and the burbujas?). Seriously, just disgusting. Scattered in his big brain (is it blown up?).

Combine Twix left and right

With the power of a twisted Twix and a correct Twix making a complete Twix, you get more power than Thanos with all the infinite stones. And on the plus side, it won’t kill you! (At least you have diabetes, and if so, thank you for your noble sacrifice).

Hand sanitizer and/or lemon juice on the ingredients

All you need is at least a small cut on one part of your body (although the bigger the better). Then simply clean hand sanitizer and/or lemon juice into the ingredients. If it is in a more sensitive part of your body, it will have a greater effect. This will give you enough time to break the grip of infinity. If you can’t open the skin, try putting it in the eyes. In fact it is needed between the eyes rather than between their enemies, that may work better.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris could have survived an atomic bomb, so he could definitely stand up to Thanos. Chuck Norris could use the Infinity Gauntlet and not be afraid to crash or destroy rocks. It only takes Chuck Norris where Thanos is and he tries to do it.

A Bunch of Draw Fours

Neither Thanos can support this pain. It will work better if it appeals. After 100 drafts, four (Sumando 400) remain physically handicapped. Then just take the infinite hand, finally with the power of Thanos and you have saved the universe.

clone it

A clone of his could put up a good fight. 20 CLONES could stop it in the blink of an eye. Then, after destroying it, have one of them separate from its power and regain Titan’s civilization. Wait, why did Thanos do that? Or did we just not know?

Because you’re duplicating resources

Does it make sense, really? Just do business with him, I’m sure it will work someday…

Get more fighters

Leave the Army, leave the Marines, leave the Air Force. Grab a tank, grab an atomic bomb, get an Australian person (must lead with kickboxing claws and huge and poisonous crabs, it would be very hard).

Sign up at Duolingo

If you write it in Duolingo without separating it, it won’t practice, and if it doesn’t practice, you know it will appear HOO…

(Sign up of course to learn Groot).

Like the infinite stones

Pick me up now. You will die if you do this, so leave it as a last resort. Dying from this is really crucial to make it work. If the stones come to you, you will explode. You have to be on Thanos’ side to explode. I intend to focus on your men as if they are going to study you while you take a step on the sidelines so that your head was sure to explode. If you have done this, thank you for your noble sacrifice.

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