10 things to do first in Horizon Forbidden West

Llegó la última exclusiva de PlayStation de Guerrilla Games, which continues the epic adventures of redheaded heroine Aloy as she enters the territory of the Tenakth tribe known as the Forbidden West. It’s significantly bigger (and better) than its predecessor, to the point that it can almost be overwhelming when you first arrive in the open world. Luckily, we’re here to help you with 10 things you should do first in Horizon Forbidden West.

Elija su modo de graphics

This is a relatively easy place to start. Especially if you’re playing on PS5, you’ll have to choose between an incredibly smooth frame rate in performance graphics mode or a super sharp image in resolution mode.

If you prefer velocidad de fotogramas, Elija Rendimiento. There is a slight impact on the quality of the image, but the game still looks incredibly good. If you prefer the experimental prohibition of the greatest visual fidelity, you can choose to select Mode Resolución. Esto hace que la velocidad de photogramas se vea afectada, but

Elija los modes de difficulty y búsqueda de caminos

Cosas que hacer primero en Horizon Forbidden West

cosas que hacer primero en el horizonte prohibited oeste

Before starting the adventure, you must select the difficulty level and ‘Pathfinding’ modes.

While the first is relatively simple, although there is a ‘Custom’ difficulty level that allows you to adjust a number of configurations to adapt the challenge to your skill level, the second is a little less clear in terms of what you’re doing.

The ‘Explorador’ option will force you to rely more on simply exploring the environment to discover where you need to go in the world to reach the goal. Puedes labrar tu propio camino a través del Oeste Prohibido sin que la IA te arre de la mano, perfecto para la experiencia de los juegos en los juegos de mundo abierto.

The ‘Guided’ option will cause the objective markers to appear frequently in your HUD, almost giving you a breadcrumb-like trail to follow to your next objective. Cuál es el adecuado para usted depends completamente de sus preferences personales.

The good news is that you can change both the difficulty level and the exploration method at any time, so if your first option isn’t right for you, don’t panic. You don’t have to start over and lose all that progress.

Beat the opening missions

The opening hours of Horizon Forbidden West are very focused on connecting the events of Horizon Zero Dawn with the adventure that you are about to embark on in Forbidden West. It’s much more linear than the rest of the game, but they do an excellent job of familiarizing you with the world.

Dicho esto, el verdadero corazón de la experiencia llega después de que se har established la escena, por lo que nos preoccuparíamos demasiado por tratar de explorar cada rincón y grieta until que Aloy se dirigiera a Chainscrape. Even then, this opening area that you’re in can easily absorb more than 10 hours of your time… and that’s just the beginning of the map.

Empápate de tu entourno en modo photo

Cosas que hacer primero en Horizon Forbidden West

cosas que hacer primero en el horizonte prohibited oeste

Horizon Forbidden West is truly beautiful. En otras noticias muy obvias, el agua moja.

Si bien es casi seguro que no needa que lo convenzan para tomar algunas impresentes fotos en su aventura por el territorio de la tribe Tenakth, vale la pena pasar un tiempo en sus primeras horas para familiariserse con los diversos escenarios su disposibilidade.

De esa manera, cuando una vista really at deje sin aliento, puedes ajustar la imagen el mode fotografía to create a perfect recuerdo un tu tiempo med Aloy en el Oeste Prohibido.

Consult los árboles de habilidades y planifique sus compras

Forbidden West is not only bigger and better in the engine, the map and the search front. It also increases the number of skills available to Aloy as she levels up and completes missions.

There are six trees with different abilities (Warrior, Prisoner, Hunter, Survivor, Infiltrator, and Machinist) that allow you to truly customize Aloy’s strengths to your playstyle. If you are a magnificent user to gain benefits, you can see that the machinist is indicated to function. ¿Prefieres sacar a tus enemigos de lejos? Luego, el árbol de habilidades Hunter, con sus tecniques de armas a distancia, Valor Surges y habilidades pasivas, es donde querrás verter tus pointos.

If you want a good chance, find out what to expect if you want an advantage in the first hours.

Experimenta con armas to find out what works best for you

Cosas que hacer primero en Horizon Forbidden West

cosas que hacer primero en el horizonte prohibited oeste

En pesar de lo grandioso que es el arco de Aloy, ingen es lo único que tiene su disposibilidad para acabar con las diversas machinas y enemigos humanos que pueden interponerse en su camino.

If you like to get up close and personal, you have the spear, which can be used for fast and heavy melee attacks, as well as a new discharge option that can be combined with your ranged weapon to deal a devastating blow to your target.

Then there are options like Tripcaster and Sling, que podrás conseguir bastente pronto en tu aventura. Estos son excellentes para inflict large amounts of elemental damage, algo que querrás usar, ya que puede ayudar a que las máquinas funcionen con menos esfuerzo, especially cuando se combina el uso de tu Enfoque para identificar las debilidades.

There are a bunch of other weapons that you’ll have the option to add to Aloy’s arsenal as you progress through the game, some of which are better suited to certain playstyles. Experimente con ellos a medida que haga los encontrar sus perfectes selectiones para equipar su rueda de armas.

Acostúmbrate with Pullcaster and Focus

cosas que hacer primer horizonte prohibited oeste

The pullcaster will be an incredibly important part of Aloy’s arsenal in Horizon Forbidden West. Le permite agarrarse a puntos amarillos especiales en las paredes y en el entorno, así como adherirse y tirar de objetos que tienen una viga X azul en ellos.

This can be used to clear rubble or place a beam in a new position so it can be sunk.

Tu Focus, por otro lado, is something you will know from Horizon Zero Dawn, but it is still incredibly useful for finding data points, identifying the weaknesses of the various machines you encounter, tagging enemies or parts of enemies, y detecter cache . the resources and more. When you press and hold R3, you can freely look around with Focus, perfect for reading those data points or scanning machinery.

Sin embargo, if you just press R3, Focus will quickly pulse its surroundings and reveal pick-upable resources, as well as free-climbable areas, in cliffs or buildings, with yellow lines.

Visit Campfires to save and unlock fast travel points

Cosas que hacer primero en Horizon Forbidden West

cosas que hacer primero en el horizonte prohibited oeste

You can only save your game manually in Horizon Forbidden West in a fire, so be sure to visit them every time they appear on your compass at the top of the screen and on your map.

The campfires also allow you to fast travel between two discovered campfires, instead of having to use a consumable Fast Travel Pack that you would otherwise use. Si bien es un placer explorar el mundo, a veces es útil poder llegar a algún lugar rapidamente, especially con el tamaño del mapa.

Obtenga lectura a través de esa tradition

The world of Horizon Forbidden West is steeped in tradition. Guerrilla Games has created an absolutely fantastic world and the more you delve into the various data points and explore the conversation options with NPCs, the more fascinating it becomes.

It is a world that is incredibly detailed and believable and you have fallen in love with the world, this is the form of submergirte even more in it.

Face the challenges of the Hunting Grounds or learn more techniques in the Melee Pit

Cosas que hacer primero en Horizon Forbidden West

cosas que hacer primero en el horizonte prohibited oeste

When you reach the Chainscrape in the canyon after the opening part of Horizon Forbidden West, you will be able to direct to the melee pit.

Estos te permanente aprender nuevas tecniques cuerpo a cuerpo y también mejorar tus abilidades en el combat cuerpo cuerpo, en caso que tengas dificultados para dominar la lance de Aloy.

Avanza un poco más través del cañón y eventualmente te entrabajar con un coto de caza. Enfréntate a los desafícios aquí to win medals, which can then be exchanged for some of the best weapons in the game later.

También son solo una pequeña prueba divertidad de tus abilidades de combate, así que continua, tomate un tiempo de la misión incredibimente importante que emprendió Aloy y mata algunas máquinas para tu propio disfrute. Todo trabajo y nada de juego makes Aloy a triste salvadora de Sundom.

Si está buscando más consejos y trucos, puede dirigirse a nuestra wiki over más de nuestra cobertura sobre el juego a contiguando.

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