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All decoration elements to place in your home.

Decorations Verification List

The list

  • crystal heart : I continue to study the bed in the manicomio.
  • trapezoid – Upper part of Giantwood.
  • extra doll : by Noax after completing the Draft in a Bottle mission.
  • The stars of R’lyehu – Lines to the outskirts of the destroyed city (act 3).
  • precious table – from sewer to estuary 2.
  • Preciosa Silla – Abandoned house.
  • elegant bed – Just before the sewer in the linterna of the mouth 1.
  • Elegant curtains for the bed – Derecha de Maye Sewer Lantern.
  • Elegant cabinet – Desperate warehouse.
  • Best chandelier – Flooded area (intermediate line, intermediate gate).
  • Beautiful candlestick – Last floor of the tavern.
  • Elegant statue – Mary Rose Hundida.
  • Jarron Kintsugi – Flooded area (first ship to enter).
  • Fortune Geode : Hidden coffee in a puntiagudo elevator in the mines, to the right of the linterna of the miners tunnel 1.
  • grandfather clock – Wasted Town (house on the far right on the top floor).
  • Painting by Zeelandia – Library.
  • Eje colgante de madeira : from the professor on top of the Valley Falls, during the program. Talk to him in church first. I went after the cry of the Mother of Creation.
  • Old stone slab : lower part of the mines.
  • Shimmer Shrine – Catacumbas, right below the entrance to the cemetery.
  • Estela from the old battlefield : Clearing the linterna of the old battlefield has arrived.
  • Shimmer code – Library prohibited in the church.
  • Eje colgante de Vigilant Ritual : next to the torch of the nameless rock.
  • Giant polla specimen : behind the waterfall is to the right of the light from the lower entrance to the mine.
  • Specimen of pollilla venenosa – Hunter’s House up and straight from the Peak of Weep lighthouse.
  • bearskin blanket : Up and to the right from the lower mine entrance lamp.
  • Specimen of murciélago – Hunter’s house in Limestone Way.
  • Copy of giant murciélago – Tree stump in Limestone Way.
  • Deep freshwater monster – Hunter’s house on Lake Bufonitte.
  • Salad water monster of depths : Boat is sailing in the flooded area (medium yellow box).
  • mandrake – Hidden tunnel under the Peak of Weep lighthouse.
  • Specimen of araña calavera : on top of an underground cave.
  • Earthworm : on top of the mountain cave.
  • Giant pheasant specimen : upper part of the secret cave. Descend from the elevator through the wall.
  • Hymnal specimen of human mosquito – Secret cave.
  • baby giant rat : a la derecha del jefe de la Bestia Roedora and Sewer at the mouth.
  • Classic incense burner : in a locked room with a key in the sewer of the estuary.

Is content cut off / without end?

  • Holy Six Cross : in a secret and uncluttered (?) darkroom in Giantwood. Currently it does not count as a living element and therefore cannot be placed in his living room.


Need a more visual checklist to see what’s missing? Here it is!

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