▷Extra Laws of the Old West

From zero to hero, this guide will help you reach the “final of the game” in less than 90 minutes on a standard rate server.

Get started quickly

Tools and mobility, less than 5 minutes

The second you load into the game look for sticks and stones, your goal is to get 2 sticks and 2 stones and then make a Hacha of stone. Once you have the Hacha keep looking for 2 more sticks and stones (if it’s close by) only 2 stones once his hacha is listed and the wood will never be an issue again.

Once you have 2 feet/stones, make a foot of stone, it’s time to get 30 minerals from iron and 50 from wood, in a standard rate server, this is about 1 knot of large iron and 2 medium trees, and it should not take more than a minute. without embargo, once you have 15 pieces of wood, start making a carpenter’s bench, then you can easily continue collecting.

Additional suggestion:Cotton, cannabis, bajas and vegetable fiber are something that must always be collected when they meet, to provide food, seeds and a valuable source of vegetable fiber.

Once his carpentry bench is true, bottle in every place and haga cola with a nail and metal hook, while looking for a horse you should see one near the starting area, using a real lazo of 10 cords (which in turn is made of 30 vegetable fibers) tie the horse more tightly and complete the basic minijuego, take a horse so fast that the rest of the guide is much easier.

If there are no horses around then pick up your new metal tool and find one, if one is within sight of your carpenter’s bench, place it quickly while the tool is being worked on, with a delay of 30 to 45 seconds at a standard rate server . lots of time to house a horse.

Additional advice: if you get up and get close to a horse from behind you can easily attack it, and the rest is a simple mini click, all you need to do is name your horse, climb on it and look for pieces!

Don’t hide from me

This is a stage where people lose too much time for no reason; just get the minimum and keep moving forward.

The main purpose of this part of the guide is to get three rough leather and one leather, to collect your arsenal of iron and wood, while looking for spongy things to cut the hide, it sounds worse than what it is. .. well not really…

I suggest making a bow and 60 arrows, this weapon will not be used after this step of the tutorial, but we want to have options.

Ideally you are looking for a small manada of wolves or an American buffalo, I suggest that at this early stage you confront the horse buffalo, whose attacks hit harder than any other NPC attack in the game, and you have the possibility of falling. in it you are stuck in a death cycle on the path from which you cannot escape, and in some cases you hit your body under the map of the game.

If you have five bows of raw leather, make a curtain and make one piece of leather, you will need it for the next step.

Refuge and weapons

Quickly assemble a mazo de troncos and start working to make your first house, this can be the size you want, but the suggestion it should be no less than a 3×4 base, this will give you a small and safe place * to perform the following steps.

Tenga on account: yes Well in PvE servers, trunk boxes are as secure as anything else, you can get into PVP servers with ease.

Once your building is complete, build a stone frame, metallurgical bench girator wheel and iron the rest of the wood into the cabinet, we need five pieces of wood for each plank and we need about 50 for the next steps so that it could also show off.

It’s also a good idea to burn the fork and make 20 steel tongues, with this you can have a gun for the rest of the steps, which greatly improves the efficiency, the fork lasts a while and tells you who this time and more together. iron ore and wood, both of which will be needed in abundance for the remainder of this period.

The farmer who grows about 10 horse materials; it is possible to get close enough to the nodes and trees to collect them without disassembling them, which greatly improves efficiency.

Once you’ve returned to your base place on a carpentry bench and made and covered a bed, it’s also a good idea to make a head of the metallurgical bench.

At this height, their tongues and tables should be ready, laying and laying down an armor table and laying any pistol that uses bullet ammunition, as well as a trap door rifle and as much bullet ammunition as possible.

It is also a good idea during this time to make some storage boxes for your inventory, storage boxes.

The agent that dissolves all other heavy materials, such as stone, tin, copper, sulphur, etc.

The hunt has begun

Armed with his weapon, it’s time to hunt, I suggest you hunt from a horse pass in search of wolves and dens and kill them all while moving/find the horse continuously, it is possible to find any wild animal in this way kill without taking damage, once you have 75-100 leather goods in the house and prepare soft leather clothing for protection.

At this point his weapon will be expensive and small ammunition, the messenger will make another trampilla, a pistol and more ammunition.

Assuming it has the state of being reunited as an intelligent waquero/child, it should have lots of ready-made materials to convert in the various stages and forks into planks, slabs and bricks.

Once it has put all its precious materials into its next form, it’s time to create order or chaos in Salvaje West.

Trending order or chaos?

This step mainly consists of fighting one bandit camp against another and killing them like dogs, remember that you have to hunt every animal you come across, it is also a good idea to keep collecting resources and materials to give options for your next steps.

After 20 minutes of this, you should have a large pile of guns, ammunition, and a handful of dollars.

Next steps

What happens next is up to you, but there are two main routes depending on your play style.

Passive game style: build a base, buy NPC stations, plant rice, make more elegant equipment, assemble chairs, tools, improve your own life with the work of your own hands.

It also requires investing a lot in a craft infrastructure, needing a lot of bricks, tables, tongues, glasses and poles, it’s a long but rewarding path to the end of the game, ideal for role players and those who want less inertia . last violent.

Aggressive Game Style:You will find one of the NPCs or NPC towns built by players and you can sell all the weapons and ammunition you have collected from the bandits. The city has a gun store and ammunition, you can now buy gold level weapons, choose weapons that match your play style and enough ammunition to keep chasing bandits, if you have too much money you can invest in furniture, assembling chairs , cosmetic equipment and more.

Curious date: it’s faster to breed bandits to buy ammunition and weapons than it is to cultivate the materials needed to make your ammunition, especially if you pass pistol and rifle ammunition, which unlike bullet ammunition requires powder.

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