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The use of articles

To place the article in a quick box, you can access it by clicking it after selecting the box by number or by clicking the mouse cursor on the box.

There are some elements in the game that cannot be placed so easily, you have to put them in a quick slot, activate the slot and then press E on your keyboard to select “Activate free space”. Now you can place the element in any place and later also Recójalo de nuevo. In general, you can also pick up the last loose items in the building in about 1-2 minutes.

Advertisement: The trees can fall on you and even kill you if you don’t care.
The trees have to be freshly cut after weaving to obtain their various materials, namely wooden beams, beams, cuttings, rams and resin. With the resin you can make antorchas. The pieces of wood are used in the fireplaces to build or move them and in the oven to light the fire. You have to quickly put that wood in a frame and watch the furnace or chimney to make a dead click for a while until it sticks. In the background you have to light the fire with a mortar and pestle. The pedal burner is made with 2 pedals in your inventory’s elaboration menu. You can also press the button to open this menu. To place the items you just created, you can use the menu that appears on the right of the screen to move the object and, with a right mouse button or quickly select another space, you can delete the element with the cursor. Rotate objects with the J, K and L keys on your keyboard. Test Ctrl + WASD.

Something that is personally considered very important is to keep in mind that you cannot go so high that the menu of the artisan stations gives it less opportunity to create the same thing with different materials, the roll offers for example choose between 3 rolls of yarn to make with linen, or with cotton or with sisal the yarn.
The same thing happens with leather that can be made with all kinds of leather that enemies can eat. I have taken a moment to consider this and a number of other job banks offer this option as well.

The fuels can be leather or cloth.
Required for pacifists and assaulted cats 🙂 To unlock production recipes, you only need to collect all available materials once, you don’t have to take them out every time. You may need to make a plank and use it as logs to build wooden objects until the level of the wooden structure is equal to doors, tables and all the bars and blocks to build houses.

Most importantly, the food!

The fire can be used to cook fruit.
You will need bayas, melons, pineapples or you can also use papayas, peas and other vegetables to cook something else with meat or fish or cook a stew. In fact, cooked food will feed you longer than any raw food. It should also be taken with you on a journey so that you don’t die from drowning in the ocean. The grain can be converted to flour in the mortar and the corn seems to consume only raw.


Some basic concepts for making clothes.
You can basically make leather clothes, just like some leather and fabric, unless you like nice interior clothes that you start too much with or you just love to stand in the fridge. There are many masks in the art store, but you will also find many for free in the elaboration menu. To make these items, you need to work yarn and fabric with a rag and cloth. Personally, I basically prefer to take care of the canvas of my feet. The large pattern is like 10 of the fabric that used up a little bit of the most of my cotton on my island. You can be smart (if you offer to click on a cotton plant in your inventory) to find some of these plants to recover some seeds and replant the cotton plants. It will grow in 2-3 days. Of course another important number,


If you decide to enter a cave, you have to prepare with food, lots of light sources, sometimes step signals and medical supplies too, if you don’t want to escape after getting completely lost in the huge cave systems.
Advertisement: The damage to caves in caves can be deadly!

Climate effects

The storms are raging in Ylands.
It will affect the construction, navigation and lighting. There will be normal rain, snow and clouds that will only reduce your visibility a little but will not affect you much, but there will also be many storms that will clear your view and create a troubled sea and sometimes even your antlers will do in the open air. †

Domestic Horses

You can breed a horse that is fed on grass or fruit.
You have to put the feed in a quick sink and click on it to feed the horse. First you go from saving the friend then the game will offer you a name. Right click on it to mount it and then right click again. If you press E on your keyboard, you can shout your whistle.

A command to let go

Yes, there is, but if you use /unstuck 0 or /unstuck 1 while navigating, you can land on any island.

First/third person view and local chat

To change the view, simply press C on your keyboard.
The local chat only seems to work if it’s in a position where people can still hear it.

When the night falls

When a player is playing, you can easily jump into the nighttime sleep.
If you’re just getting started, you’ll need to dig a small cave on a hill to make sure the game allows you to sleep even in bad weather, as it normally prevents you from doing this when the going gets tough. In multiplayer mode you can’t absolutely sleep at the moment which means it’s better that you make sure you don’t stay up late in bad weather and in the ocean at night if you can’t kill the time in a useful way because building a shelter and a bed on the ship will not help.

How to find materials like metal

Metal, coal, steel, iron, sulfur and saltpetre are not found in the caves, except for the gold parked on the ground near mountains or hills.
They have different colors. The cover is red, the iron looks flat, the bow is a bright brown sand color (brighter than the beach), the pedal is almost white, the carbon is black of course. You can quickly see the parks from a distance and can distinguish them.

Submarine Buoyancy Team

There are a number of buceo equipment as tools that you can make.
You have to get water from the water trees of a tropical island. You have to cultivate it with a knife in your hands. After you remove the trunk from the tree, you need to recover it for a while before you can grow it again.

The elaboration of tools and weapons

Press Tab to open your crafting menu or go to your inventory and find the menu there.
Things marked in red cannot be created at this time. Probably some material is missing to do it. You can see the number of the same article that could be created in the article creation image in the lower right corner. To create something, you can either right-click on the image or just right-click on it and then click the Create button. The materials you will be using are listed at the bottom right of the window.

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