▷ WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Tips and tricks for an exciting hunt

In Wolfquest Anniversary Edition, there are a variety of hunting types.
Knowing the behavior of your prey will make you a better and more effective hunter. This guide explores the behavior of each prey animal and provides tips and tricks on each step of the hunt, from the moment it applies olfactory vision for the first time to the moment it keeps its prey from its last life cycle.


Welcome to the guide!
This guide covers all the animals in depth and analyzes the tips and tricks needed for a successful hunt. Each animal in captivity is different, so knowing its behavior in advance will lead to a simpler and more efficient hunt.

The location of the prison

If the captured animals have their municipalities all over the map, it will take a little effort to find them!
Press V to activate your olfactory vision.

Scent Vision allows the player to touch other animals from great distances.
In fact, you will hit your prisoner long before he sees it.

When in olfactory vision, the player can see olfactory pathways left by his grip.
These aromatic orbs are recovered by color. In this guide we will only focus on the colors of the bricks.

  • Clear yellow – Love with snow stands.
  • Dark blue – Venado bura.
  • Rosa claro – Familia manada de alces.
  • Dark pink – manada de alces toro.
  • Clear blue – Alce.

After a rat follows the olor balls, it is possible to encounter the tails of the animal it is looking for.
These eggs contain a lot of information about the animals that are resting. The eggs are coded by color in the same way as the aromatic orbs. In addition, the game tells you when the eggs hatch. Finally, the direction of the pests indicates where the animals were. Once you have tracked these eggs, find what you want to hide.

Love of white fairies

Where to look

The hare with snowshoes can move across the map and move close to the player.


Lobsters with snow rockets often remain silent before exploding in an explosion at speed.


Hunt Snowshoe had to be an easy catch, even for a new player. Although they may be small and agile, they are a single blow and are not too disabling to hunt. Only a small amount of food will be provided, so the pen is not worth it when the player has gained more experience in the hunt.

Venado bura

Where to look

The upcoming eraser can be removed all over the map, but seems to be more common in large clear openings, where there is plenty of space to drive and it is easier to locate detectors.


There are three different types of bura bura on the Amethyst Mountain map: Bucks, Does and Yearlings.
The males are solitary, while the females can be solitary or in groups of 2 to 3. The creatures are born with a male who is his mother who will defend him with his sword.

Unlike alcoves, manadas of deleted beetles are highly disorganized and scattered.
So if you get hit by an eraser and escape, it should not be a problem to continue the hunt and concentrate on another eraser. If a native eraser disappears, the rest generally does not matter, it is already scattered.

The Venado erasure is the fastest of ungulados in the game and performs a step known as stotting.
They can also be reached at a distance that is relatively greater than other prisoners.

The hunt

If you have been hunting for a long time, be careful.
One-year-olds have less health than adults, but are protected by their mother. Once he has been murdered for a year, he will try to make sure to avoid the mother’s deceptive blows. The one-year-old has walked very close to his mother.

Click left to point the camera at Yearling, then move it in circles to try to confuse the mother and approach the baby.
When the baby is killed, the mother will cry.

In the case of an adult-deleted visit, spread the pages instead of the pages.
Give a better agar and let it infuse for much longer. Once the larva has lost its speed to confront you, apply it to your head and neck so that these areas do not move the animal while causing the greatest damage.

In general, the venado eraser of all ages is suitable for a lone wolf.
Have a single partner seal the deal for your singer.


Where to look

There are 18 algae on the Amethyst map bearing the name of the nebula that can be found in the region.
Lizards are migratory animals and grow a lot during the season. At the beginning of the year they were most common in the highlands north of the map, but at the end of the year they migrated southeast to the lower regions. If you have trouble finding algae, you may be looking in the wrong part of the map.


There are two types of bull manadas in Wolfquest: family manadas and bull manadas.
The family reed has four types of algae: a bull, cows, calves and chickens. Bull manads consist only of mature bulls and consist of 3-5 individuals.

During the night, alces manadas are supposed to sleep through the night.
Therefore, this is the best time for a player to chase. Night strikes allow the player to approach much further before the opponent has time to react and withdraw.

Unlike venado bura, alces manadas can sometimes choose to maintain companies.
In general, the smaller ones are harder to handle than the larger ones. This may seem contradictory at first, but a closer look at his behavior reveals why. The foxes are selfish animals and are only preoccupied with themselves and the cows, their screams for a year. Alcer are more vulnerable when running than if held firmly. Therefore, a single hook comes if you feel there is a very small chance of being tagged by a scapegoat. Given that the larger orders have multiple targets so that they attack a deterrent, the larger orders are more likely to capture a smaller order that has fewer members and where the probability of dying is greater. Therefore, a player should try to attack a larger manada.

The hunt

Foxes are bulky animals, and traveling on foot only exacerbates the problem.
A player must try to take the ales to a forest where the rocks and trees will feed the animals and expose them to the most vulnerable individuals.

In addition, the player should not try to pick an individual player right away, but expect an animal to stay behind and be invited to a simple meal.
However, young landowners are left alone for fear of being hunted.

For an annual wolf hunt, a lone wolf is appropriate.
Without limitation, the player must be aware of where the mother is at all times. First, it identifies the sheep waiting to be separated from the manada or slaughtered to rein it in. Slow down when the mother is trapped. At this point, the player must wait for the manada to settle for a while before continuing the hunt. If the player gets caught too early, the mother and year can try to divorce and return to the manada. Stay between the manada and its grip until the manada goes to run and begins to insert a short distance. From here, it’s the same as hunting a wild goat for a year.

For young and old adults, a pair is recommended.
Kill the knife on the side to catch it better and crack it. Continue slaughtering the sides until the animal is restrained and begins to overturn and die.


Where to find?

Moose can be found everywhere on the map.


There are three types of algae in the Amethyst Mountain region: bulls, cows and heifers.
Adult lizards are solitary animals. The only ones come together when there is a mother with her crying.

Chickens are almost always held fast during a hunt.
Therefore, it is possible to have to kill them several times before they start running.

The hunt

When it comes to hunting terneros, there are several tips you need to consider.
Babies tend to be much more susceptible to their mothers than children of a year of other species, so it is better to expect them to be too old for their mothers to start the hunt. In addition, adult foxes are very voluminous, so it is recommended to hunt in dense forests, especially when baby foxes are hunted.

Once a baby is killed, the mother will run to defend her baby.
As in other years, lock the pair in a circle to confuse them. With baby bumps, they will no doubt be separated from their mother much more easily. Therefore, they do not die in the beginning, but go to their mother’s sheep until they have gone too far and then die to do great harm.

For cows spread to the sides.
It is recommended that these animals cause a lot of harm.

Bulls are extremely aggressive and will even attack the wolves if you get too close.
If an experienced wolf in pairs could end up with one, it’s best to keep the bull-ales hunting for a multiplayer round.

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