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This guide will include some tips and tricks that I learned by exploring the game (Want to Live).

The classes

At the beginning of the game you can choose different professions (classes).
Elegirlos will change the way, the skills.
So, if you are the miner, you will be able to increase in level, your maximum weight, the damage to the notch and more mine buttons.

So, if the mercenary is hired, you will have skills like: increasing resistance, weapon speed (I do not really know how the speed changes), assault rifle damage and precision, grenade damage and precision and the ability to use armor. medio.

Then we have the hunter, unfortunately since the hunter has a skill called “reduced mochila” that eliminates 10% of your maximum weight, but the hunter does more damage with weapons and rifles and at the same time has resistance to the environment, the shops make it 10% more effect,

Last but not least, we have the engineer.
As an engineer, you unfortunately lose 10% of the same weight as the hunter, but inflict much more damage with smg and explosives. You can get 10% more XP than other classes and get 10% more storage space with stores.

The beginning

After you’ve created your character, you’ll probably start doing missions, and that’s fine.
You have to do missions to learn some basic concepts in the game, but after level 3 you have to buy a pickup and go to “MTE”.

There you can find small observers and normal observers.
The little ones will be invisible every time they look, but then there will be a sound that will let you know that it is near you, so if you are careful you will not be harmed.

The big ones, close, will take 2 misses in front, or if it hits the right face, 1 miss.
So killing a normal observer will give you 100xp. And do not forget to pick up your goods, do not weigh much and sell them at a good price. You will soon start to level up and be able to buy armor, which means that pk players with weapons will not be able to penetrate your armor and damage you.

So, after getting the armor, I recommend doing missions so the game can teach you more things.

The best way to make money and XP at a higher level

So if you are reading this, you probably have a level 6+ at this point.
And it will be like (the armor takes a lot and itself with the weapons). Well, to be honest, there is an easy way to make money, all you have to do is buy something: Anti-Rad pills, Medkits and some vodka. Then you can start going to the bank.
Bunkers are located in a desert, K9-3.
But I recommend that you go to the “miners” first. It is a safer area closer to the desert. So, if you die, you can start there and you do not have to go back there. The mine is located at E7-2.

Then you get close to the desert, you want to make sure your resistance is complete.
And go straight to the bank, at the point where the empieces receive radiation, you want to take a sip of vodka and run it as fast as you can, then the radiation starts to hurt you a lot, that’s the moment you want to drink that pastilla. It usually boils with 4-6 radiation effects. You do not want to be detained until you have reached the place where you are truly safe.
When entering the bank, be sure not to leave the safe area until the radiation is off.
Then you need to find a place with blue limousines, bruja suelta articles to the value of 100 gy 50 files. And each count of 0-6 means you can get up to 300 out of 1, it’s not hard to kill, it takes 1 to 6 shots of shotgun, but it does a lot of damage, so it’s about keeping them that fast as possible .

If you explore the bank, you will find shops, pills, ammunition, vodka, ciders … (things you will need to return to the bank).
So if you are stuck there, do not panic and intend to explore the book in search of a button.


Hi friends, today I want to teach you a little about herrería.

By using herrero receptors, you can create armor plates that can be attached to your armor for greater protection.
To make armor plates you need different types of rods (etc. metal, steel rods).

To achieve these bars, you must first achieve the level 1 herreria receptor.
Witch that can be obtained on the miner’s deposit of 1,000 gold at the grocery store there.

You can get the other one for 1,500 gold, it allows you to make metal plates for armor.

To make rods, use an oven.

To make slabs you will need a press machine, you can find one in the safe mining area.



If you’re going to travel the world, you probably know at least some of them.
People dread them and try to keep them as safe as possible, but the truth is that most of them never become so dangerous. But before anything else, you need to know that there are some anomalies. Definitely (I do not know what people just call them).

The wind.

This anomaly will make you fly through the sky and inflict a lot of damage, but then you reach level 8+ and you will have to be able to survive.
This anomaly will give you a toxic effect if you approach or approach.
It will not hurt you much if you do not have much time left. And in fact, you can avoid the effect of holding down the “all” key.
The magic feature allows you to hold your breath.

If you walked along the path “MTE” or “Bunker”, you probably came across it and it is the same as the toxin, the only difference is that it will do less damage than the toxin and you can avoid the poison that holds the key ” everything”. .
It is not always dangerous, in fact you can use it for your use as it is sometimes teleconferred closer to the destination.
But there is a risk of teleporting you into the sky, which is likely to cause you to die. But it is not difficult to detect, and only one partner. The fire.
At one point during the trip I heard a really bad sound, the magic was caused by an anomaly, it was moving around the map, it is almost not visible, but it will definitely be heard.
I was not trying to get into one, so I do not know many details about it. But it obviously hurts a lot.


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