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This guide was made to show exactly which weapon to carry.

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Are you tired of going to the team section to equip your squadrons with the new weapons you acquired from I + D, and sometimes you confuse the name or stats of those weapons? Do you ever have to go back to the dictionary or I + D just to remember what you did? The topics in this guide are a quick way to have this information at hand.

I will quickly show for each section, the technological weapon, the weapon in it and what it does in short and long space. This will primarily focus on stored / captured weapons, but will add more weapons in the future.


Here you will quickly tell what each statistical information in the game means.


The name of the gun, each time you buy an update of a weapon, changes and increases the letters / numbers at the end of the name. Example: Gallian-S10-> Gallian-S11.

Apuntar La

Shooting stats affect how big or small the red circle is when you aim your weapon, which determines the precision with which your sand will disappear within the circle. The lowest is E and the highest is A

Armed with E aim. A weapon with B Alcance de apuntar Determine what speeds you can fly sandwich / weight before you reach the crash point. If the projectile exceeds its maximum velocity, the damage will disappear. The projects do not disappear until something strikes. Damage to personal against enemy soldiers.


damage of armor against machines and buildings.


The number of times a weapon disappears in a single clip.


A state that will inflict a weapon if it hits and does not hit the target.


  • Avoidance: lower jumping abilities.
  • Attack: low fire potential.
  • AP Waste: Reduce AP.

I will not add complete graphical statistics, but when I compare 2 weapons for one of its statistics, I will use the higher level model for that weapon to get an idea of ​​how it is updated.

Example: compare armor damage (Elias MA13: 1500 armor damage / Sanders M14: 340 armor damage).



  • Pros: Better accuracy and speed
  • Disadvantages: Less firepower.
  • Information: these variants have the highest speed and precision of 3 rifles, but compensate for some damage. Excellent for eliminating enemies at a distance and has a greater chance of intercepting fire.


  • Pros: A good All rounder.
  • Contrasts: average in total.
  • Information: Classic weapon due to defective rifles. Jack of all the cops, does the work.


  • Advantages: High firepower, can be separated 7 rounds.
  • Contrasts: low rank and precision.
  • Information: has the second largest damage and the largest charger size of all rifles, making it ideal for confronting enemy tanks at close range, while its damage helps make your interception more deadly, the chance is still small.

ZM Kars

  • Advantages: Very high fire potential
  • Contrasts: low rank and precision
  • Information: captured weapons have a much higher firepower compared to brown, the highest brown weapon has 52 Damage Vs Personal / 65 Damage Vs Armor, while higher Zm kars weapons can have 70/90 * (* weapons only DLC) damage Vs Personal / 75 / 150 * (dlc weapon only) damage Vs Armor but on the side of very poor punctuation and abilities.



  • Pros: Better precision
  • Disadvantages: slightly minor damage.
  • Information: the best focus and precision of all trappers, good at identifying enemies at close range.


  • Advantages: Major damage by accident.
  • Contrasts Low precision
  • Information: These are basic standard seals, good damage, but it is possible that they need to be contacted to return their disks due to low precision.


  • Pros: Higher cut / shot
  • Contrasts: low precision and low rank
  • Information: In addition to having a lower DPS and a lower chance, the size of the clip can help generate more damage in general if the missiles are hit, in addition to having a longer suspension period during the interception fire, but be careful of enemies with a high defense.


  • Benefits: Major injury
  • Contrasts: low precision and very short speed.
  • Information: If you really want something dead, these weapons are for you, but you really have to get close to escape. Zm Mp has 53 injuries, while Robinsons has the second highest with 42 injuries.



  • Advantages: high precision and accuracy
  • Disadvantages: Slightly less fire potential
  • Information: The best launchers to make shots on the map, good idea to start with launchers with good aim.


  • Pros: Good firepower
  • Disadvantages: poor precision
  • Information: M2EQ has the best fire potential of the 3 shots in the tree (SB9: 1700 damage / M2EQ: 1900 damage), but with less precision than its first SB9, be sure to get closer to get rid of it.


  • Pros: High explosion radio, faster versions of HartMan Mortars
  • Contrasts: Minor damage to armor.
  • Information: these killer throwers change the way they launch games, ideal for attacking units of sandbags and groups of soldiers, faster than a Hartman grenade killer, you do not have to configure, almost the same fire potential, but the difference of grenade launchers has a greater defense and health than they have. Remember to park in an arc instead of in a straight line. Enemy launchers will suffer less damage.


  • Advantages: Greater fire potential
  • Contrasts: Lower rank and precision
  • Information: If the M2EQ has the highest damage on the launch pad, it is the second highest compared to the VB PLs (M2EQ: 1900 Damage / VB PL: 2000 damage or 3000 if it has the DLC weapon), but like most of the captured weapons , Acérquese need a lot for their goals or suffer a lot.

Freeman rifles


  • Pros: Better accuracy and speed
  • Disadvantages: Less firepower
  • Information: Having the best chance for all the pirates means you can get away faster and get away much better, but having a smaller fire potential means the soldiers can receive more interception of fire from you.


  • Pros: All Rounder
  • Cons: Not too much too much at all.
  • Information: balanced rank, aim and firepower, a firearm from all offices. If you are missing something for it all, LF-Wasps is for you.


  • Pros: Lose 3 shots
  • Contrasts: poor precision and accuracy
  • Information: This sniper rifle can fire 3 shots at a cost of 1 ammunition, which means it can cause more damage, this also counts for intercepting fire. Remember that speed and punctuation can make landfills a little harder, moreover, only elite francotiradors can use this type of francotirador (rank 11 in advance).


  • Pros: Major damage
  • Disadvantages: Very poor speed and accuracy
  • Information: As long as all the weapons are captured, sharpened and have a real damage due to the one who has the most damage (LF-Wasp: 170 damage / ZM SG: 215 damage), but a player and a terrible chance (GSR: A + goal and tempo 1800 / ZM SG: goal B + and tempo 800). The DLC weapons ZM SG X2 and XD are anti-tank rifles with up to 1500 damage to armor.



  • Advantages: high antipersonal damage and state effect of speed reduction
  • Contrasts: low precision
  • Information: Ideal for eliminating groups of soldiers who drive too fast, apply a speed deficit to soldiers during an interception fire but do not work on vehicles.


  • Advantages: good precision, speed and speed-reducing effect
  • Contrasts: not overweight at all.
  • Information: These are your typical mortars, have the ability, precision and explosive radio to hit their targets, also apply the effect of “speed reduction”, as their Hartman brothers, have average damage to armored personnel and infantry.


  • Advantages: High anti-tank damage and tank power AP 0.
  • Contrasts: Shorter and worse speed against infantry.
  • Information: If you need to eliminate many tanks or towers, Elias are the best anti-armored killers. If you land a direct blow on a tank during its tapping, your ankles will break and you will not be able to move during that turn. If it’s really good against weapons, it’s terrible against infantry, and its effect does not apply to them.


  • Pros: more accurate fire tapping
  • Disadvantages: None of these VB GW mortars can destroy the eggs.
  • Information: Jealousy If you have to keep the line so you can make more interception missiles, you can actually defend or block an area that the soldiers tend to avoid or overtake and get rid of missiles. All lethals of this type will use a Speed ​​Down effect, including anti-tank. Consider that the DLC weapon VB GW 8 has a high damage to infantry and armor, but only has a maximum ammunition of one.

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