▷ Torchlight III – Guide to Assign Limits and Other Resources

An extremely short guide to the absolute maximum that a statistic or effect in particular can hold. This is information that isn’t documented in the game, so it’s nice to know, but it doesn’t exactly match most guides yet.

Attribute Limit Guide and Other Cons


  • Armor damage limitation has a 64.5% limit and includes your mascot’s bonus if you use that perk, but excludes a fixed 50% damage reduction when faced with a body-to-body fight.
  • Damage reduction is limited to 90%, only possible in Railmaster with level 10 Hammer Spin and achieving a body-to-body objective (or with Hammer Spin in it). If that sounds impressive, there are bugs at the time of writing this article and so ironically, the damage isn’t absolutely reduced.
  • The block has a 40% limit and the mascot advantage cannot exceed this limit.
  • The block has a 40% limit and like the block, there is no way around this limit.
  • The chance of violating a state effect has an 80% limit per resource, so if it has an 80% and the mascot has an 80% chance of violating something, well, it’s calculated separately instead of the one raises the other.


  • The probability of a mascot blocking a pair and escaping is based on the player and not having a team to improve their stats. It also compares the same limit, so what you can’t do unless your pet is over 40% of the limit, for example.
  • The squirrels behave exactly like pets by all calculations, including the ability to avoid and block, unlike pets, without embargo will only cause their “impact” effects.
  • Continuing with the separation between masks and slugs, each state effect team that gives it to its mascot will cancel its own team’s share, so that if its sword has the ability to hide and its mascot is labeled with the possibility of death, it will make your pet thirsty instead of hiding.
  • Probably a mistake, but if your pet has the ability to inflict more than one state effect from his own gear, it won’t offend anyone. The pets team has elements that can violate multiple state effects, leading me to believe this is a bug, which will happily cause multiple state effects on your team if you don’t violate any of them.
  • Also if it’s not done with the pets so that the equipment that makes the pets immune to any kind of damage, doesn’t work or works better but it doesn’t seem to be expected so the value of defense is set very high as the mascot is effectively immune, without embargo, these collars always provide protection of the type that heralds, so that the immunity to fire also provides resistance to fire. In any case, this is not only redundant, but also causes an overflow of the den so that his pet, instead of being immune, is extremely vulnerable to that element and at least one blow will kill his pet.
  • Though not stated anywhere, the impact effects can be triggered by any of your attacks, hechizos, mascots, squirrels, trains, or the strangest of all, your damage over time. for example, injecting blood does not activate for the same purpose, but activates something else, such as slowing the golfer down or stopping the golfer.
  • There is no limit to the amount of damage-increasing effects that can accumulate in a given target, with no embargo, and accidentally deal enough damage to cause an overflow.

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