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1st law

Thanks to Skybound Games, The Walking Dead has finally returned to us.
And bring the old collection amount per. section. Now it’s six new, but unlike Episode One, it’s all set in the first act. In section three, it is especially easy to lose sight of them, so one has to be careful.

Ericson’s flag

The first collection item is probably the easiest to find.
You can see it on the wall when you step into satan. Do not limit yourself to walking next to him, it is best to wake up with yourself. “Yes, Ericson!”

Drawing toys

When Rosie arrives, she returns.
On one of the shelves you can see a drawing toy. Tómalo is in no doubt. Later in the game, when you place the collectors of Episode Three in your living room, you will have the opportunity to make your own mouthpiece. Or to see Clementine’s masterpieces.

Note: be sure to take the first two collectibles before questioning Abel. Once the interrogation begins, you will not be able to access these items.


After receiving advice from Abel, Clementine joins AJ, Willy and Violet / Louis (determined) to inspect the ship, which was named by him.
To develop a rescue plan for your captured friends, talk to each of your companions. But before you do that, take a look at the surroundings. In fact, finding a hero is not that difficult. Just review this location, it’s not that great. Not very far from the place where the hero is, there is a large tree.

Pata de conejo

It’s a little easier to find a foot.
It is located near Willy. Turn the camera slightly to the right of him. As fast as you see it, Tomalo. Let’s hope it brings some luck to Clementine.

Remolacha Nick

Once the rescue plan is ready, Clem and AJ will go looking for James.
After hearing Clementine’s prayer, the old Susurrador will guide him to his granero. Before we talk to James, let’s spend some time finding the last two collectibles. Beet-Nick can be found on the floor near the sand, right at the entrance to the granary. It’s time to expand the Broccoli Disco team!

Wind chimes

The bells could be found if the sound continued, he did.
Cuelgan on the outer wall of granero, to the right of AJ and nostalgic salt laminate. Take bells with you, AJ will like the sound it makes. This is the last collectible, which means that the “Hunter” bonus will be unlocked as soon as the records are registered.

Act No. 2

At the beginning of 2. act, after a short talk with Ruby about the next “hootenanny”, walk into the room and make sure to place all the collectibles found before picking up the coffee roaster and talking to AJ.
You can place the Ericson banner on the wall near your bed, hang a cone cushion on AJ’s bed, and win bells on the vent. Put the drawing toy on the shelf, near the previous episode’s hongo, and put Beet-Nick on the screen, where the great artist Alvin Jr. feel good, art! At the same time, the closet will be a great decoration for its entrance gate. When the 6 items show up in their places, unlock “Feels Like Mine”.

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