▷ The Long Dark – Tips on Jeremiah’s Madness (The Big Bad Bear Hunt)

Wintermute Episode 2. How to discover how to hunt a bear without being killed.
Boring but effective.

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Come on, what a radiant and shiny skin you have

So when the mission begins, the bear is waiting for you to leave from the beginning.
Surprising, of course, but not an automatic attack.

First, make sure your rifle and your Bengal pistol are charged.

In the next part, he intended a couple of different times, of different form, with varying results.
The first method is more risky than the second.

First method) Get your rifle ready and go as fast as you can from Jeremiah’s box, get ready and get rid of the enojado Big Furball.
Sometimes she (or she, #feminismo) attacked me in all sorts of ways and attacked me, sometimes she cuddled up on her buttocks behind and when the rifle disappeared in the fire, the bear escaped.

Second Method) It is much more likely that this method will gain some time, but it has not had any success since the beginning, which has led to its hunt for ‘Ol Smokey.
You have a Bengali gun on the list, and when it explodes, it disappears. This will no doubt provoke shouts and screams. I have heard that bengalas can work too.

Things to look for and see!

You must hit the bear 6 (six) times to kill it.
You do not have to follow Jeremiah’s advice and disappear when you stare (can you see what you are doing there?) And you can see the whiteness of their eyes. I think Jeremiah read very early American history or something, but that’s terrible advice.

Advice to remember the length of this story: If he got a break and the bear escaped, review his diary to make sure he has been credited and that he (1/6) meets with us.
As you progress through the mission, look for the red bloodsucker as you run away from a safe distance (successfully) and immediately review your diary to make sure it is credited. If not, salt of the game and reinicia.

A walk through the woods has no reason to be apprehended

Now you have to go hunting for the bear.
Look at your map for possible places to find it. Almost every time I tried it, the bear was the next in the area just above Cabaña del Trampero on the map. I went to the top of the hill, I went to Smokey through the trees, I got up and lined up my shot.

I discovered that the rifle was more accurate in the first second of the shot, and then fired to all sides.
I discovered that I had a much better hit / miss ratio when I aimed, put the bear in the mirror and then went back to aim to make sure it was adjusted. This can be complicated if the bear moves from one side to the other in its field of view.

When the bear counts, it will turn towards you and then it will rise on its back.
The time to aim is when it’s in front of you, so go back to aim so you can line up when it rises. Four, look for the red blood stain, and if so, review your diary to make sure you get the credit. If You Have Credit, Hooray! Only give me credit a few times.

Now the bear will let you.
Do not panic! Slowly switch to your loaded Bengal pistol, aim and turn Smokey into a ball of shiny fur. The bear will return to fly through the stage. I intended to return the rifle and avoid the bear while hitting, but never got credit for my blows. Once done, the results will vary, suppose.

Go to the next place, which for me is always Frozen Creek.
I led in that direction and generally embraced the hillside north of the area until I met the bear and repeated the previous steps.

Aim, go back to aim, shoot, look for blood clots, review the diary, equip a bengal gun, set up the charged bear and shoot the bear with a bengal.
Sometimes the bear will simply bark when it strikes with the rifle. This will be a few steps and a call. Consider the following and move forward.

The game will generally be seen just before you meet the bear, so if you notice this, it’s enough seconds to keep Smokey in sight, then get ready.
It will also be here you will return to start if you make a mistake and attack yourself. Being mutilated is not the doom of the world, but I want to pick up my new fighting pants and lose all that blood and have to sleep through the sword.

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