▷ The Long Dark – Detached locations with pickpockets and machete (supervision mode)

Where to find the two most recent articles.

Preparing for the trip

First of all, you need a minimum of 11 skill books.
Once upon a time, the tengas, not the leas, just walked into one of the fishing boats in Mystery Lake. Now let’s go to the Costera region…

In the coastal region

Drive through these trees (screen capture) and turn to IZQUIERDA, IZQUIERDA, DERECHA, IZQUIERDA, DERECHA and then to DERECHA and you will see a car on the side of the road at a bridge.

The car

Now that you’ve found the car at the gas station, open the hood.
Once the hood is open, it will attempt to catch fire on the hood of the car.
Then have at least 4 more fires.
In general you will need at least 2 in the hood, 2 in the hood and then 1-2 in the trunk of the car. I will briefly explain why…
The reason you cause multiple fires in the car is because these elements are guarded by 5 bones and cream, you don’t want to face this kind!

If the fire breaks out, just plant another one.

I don’t have any screenshots of the group of bones (because they started me ♥♥♥♥).

But here’s a screenshot where I thought the catches (I was hiding by the way) but it was in vain…

People are terrified of fires, but for some reason (I’m not sure if it’s a technical issue or what it is) they don’t support one, two, or three fires; need at least 4-5 car fires…

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