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Price of the sealing machine

The Trendy Game in Mabe Village features one of Link’s Awakening’s funniest mini-games, as well as one that’s likely to last, which is the catalyst for a number of primary and secondary missions, as well as some collecting fun. †
The game is located in the southeastern corner of your home town and you can access it almost immediately after encountering your sword and you can start carving enemies and rubles to cover the entrance fee of ten rupees per game.

When you first enter the shop you will see several iconic Zelda items such as hearts and rupees, but most importantly a Yoshi doll based on the iconic Nintendo character.
You’ll want to grab this prize from the get-go and now embark on the game’s long and rewarding exchange sequence: a true island-wide quest where you interact with weird and wonderful characters all over the map and exchange strange elements until you get its final. compensation. This mission actually intersects the progress of the main game, so you don’t want to lose.

Other elements that will come on and off the shelves in the Trendy Game include two pieces of heart, chamber mazmorra frames for Dampe’s Dungeon Maker mode, collectible Nintendo figures that can be placed on stalls around town, and so on. rupees (the roses are twenty and the houses are fifty) more bombs, magic powder and repurpants in case you are committed to Like-Likes in battle.

Winning the Trendy Game is pretty easy: just pay the entry fee, walk to the giant directional buttons and check out the prize you’re looking for.
Start aligning your horizontal shot by holding down the “A” button and then only when it is directly below the center of the desired price, then your diagonal shot with the “X” button. A small beam of light will shine where the cave cage is about to stop and luckily he will pick up an item and carry it to the conveyor belt so that it is always guarded.

The elements of the first row of the game remain in place, but the two elements of the last row are a little more complicated, already on mobile platforms.
Without restrictions, it is quite easy to predict where the cage will land at the right time. Align your horizontal “A” plan below the point farthest than an element would move to the right on the conveyor, then align your vertical “X” plan to the top of the room (the farthest point in a vertical line that could be so that the top wall would basically be closed), but not at all! In fact, you can hold this button indefinitely, so hope the element you want is out of your cage ASAP and then immediately as soon as it starts making its way to you. The cage should descend and catch the object the moment it begins to return. When it recovers and leaves it, don’t worry as it is likely that the item will end up on the mobile surface and you will be able to spend a few more rupees to continue handling and carrying it. If the item falls between the carrier rings and continues to swing back and forth, please exit the store and restore the location to its original location and return to try it.

The purple rupee in this game (worth fifty rupiahs) will always appear in the same place, although it must be alternated with other elements, and you can play the game five times more.
He hastened, went upstairs and entered the store so that he might appear, then returned to arrest him. Maybe it will come back so well that it grabs this rupee in particular that it will collect money in a short time. This is, of course, an excellent way to quickly get items from the store with some screens upside down. If you need to quickly earn ten rupees to return to play the game of the cave, the large square of grass and shrubs to the north of the shop will be plagued by it, so you will never have a pair of swords of any other purpose in the cave game. Keep in mind that the elements will appear and disappear on the scale they eliminate, while others will appear later on the scale advancing in the main mission. some even appear after you’ve completed the game. The Trendy Game is a fun and rewarding little miniature that allows you to collect rupees so that you can buy things like nails, hearts and more in other game stores and with a little practice it will be great. In a while!

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