▷ The coin game – How to make money (easy method)

A really strange but easy way to make a lot of money in game coins.

A guide to making money


I found this strategy not long after carnival was added to the game. I thought I would have been nervous about supervision, but surprisingly, it still worked. Without hesitation, taking into account the aspect of supervision, a good start is required for it to work.


Starting a supervision game starting at just $ 2.50 is not enough to get started. The best starting point for the strategy is to cut Barry’s cap, which will give him at least $ 20. It may sound awkward, but if the strategy is used successfully, you do not have to go back to doing it.

Get the plates

Now that you have some money to start, it’s time to start the strategy. Complete your health and energy needs, ride a bike and ride to carnival. When you go to the carnival, play the “star break game” 3 times to get enough prize credits for one plate. Tips for the game with stars: you have to get rid of all the red in the star, the best way to do it is to lower the sensitivity of the mouse and get closer to the screen. I’m going to break into small “click breaks” so as not to disturb the weapon.

Fill the plate

The next thing you need to do is stop the plate at Barry’s barn. Be sure to avoid “hit robots” that can hit you with blows. While doing this tutorial, I was going to earn $ 100 per person. plate. Repeat everything after cutting the césped and you will be rich!

Mathematics and explanation

You may be asking: How does this strategy work? Well, you just have to go to the big one.

Each game you play in the “Disparate the Star” game for the carnival costs $ 5, you get 3 prize credits every time you win, the board costs 9 prize credits, so if you win each game, you win $ 15 per. plate. Each record you sell, you get $ 100, so if you use the tips you shared before to earn each time, you earn $ 85 per record. plate. with that money you can repeat the process and take more than one plate to Barry’s that can give you hundreds. By the end of day 3, I had more than $ 1000 to cultivate this strategy. I have been fascinated by this strategy since I discovered when the carnival was added for the first time and now that the method of supervision is something I can share with my knowledge.

Enjoy your riches

While cultivating this strategy for a long time, you will practically never run out of money. You can even get that golf cart for $ 850. As long as you keep your health and energy high and get the most out of this strategy, you can practically not die. So be careful, at least until Devotid finds this “exploit” and lays it on the floor.

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