▷ Tacoma – 100% Performance Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in Tacoma.


Escape from Tacoma Moon Transfer Station with ODIN.

This bonus is unlocked automatically when the game is finished.


He fled the Tacoma Moon Transfer Station after finding all the records of the AR crew and the articles in the personal AR record.

The easiest way to get the ARdcore bonus is to take the time to explore the game and access all crew records and scripts.
Explore all staff dependencies, access the items in the AR register for all, and access all registers and areas at the station.

Unlock Master

He fled the Lunar Tacoma transfer station after keeping all the station’s keys and locks open.

Personal call

  • 1228 – Administration Office
  • 0315 – Taquilla Sareh Hasmadi
  • 1407 – Taquilla Clive Siddiqi
  • Llave: in Clive’s closet, used to open the box in Clive’s room

Biomedical ring

  • 0281 – Lower Botanical Zone
  • 2080 – Registers of pictures
  • Llave: Open the closet with medical supplies in the box to the doctor’s office

Engineering ring

  • 0809 – Drone Bay Maintenance Tunnel
  • 0451 – AI verification code

From the city center

He made a 3-point shot at a micro-G balloon.

This achievement can be completed anytime you are on the Hub.
All you have to do is stop outside the 3-point line, but if you have trouble distinguishing where that line is, there is a button just in front of the biomedical threshold that will make the 3-point space visible.

Orthographic corrector

The letter of the statute of limitations has been restored.

In the administration area, find all the letters that are stuck on the wall and put them back in the right place.
You will miss an ‘O’ and an ‘M’.

The ‘O’ is in the sink next to the toilet.
The ‘M’ is located on the sloping side of the ramp on the floor as you walk down the ramp from the dining room to the Lounge. Colócalos on the wall to unlock the odds. Oh, and happy birthday!

Perforate !!

There is a full return policy with the boxing ring in the gym.

The boxing ring is located at the back of the gym in Operations.
To get lucky, move closer to the bag until it shows you, and then press until Amy (your character) stays still. The odds are displayed before the bag.


He gave Tina her hat (and her head).

Advertisement: the skull can not be submitted to Biomedical once it has been taken to Hub.

The hood and cap are at the Doctor’s Office, but to get the hood, you must obtain the clerk’s locker key at the doctor’s office at the examination facilities.
When the supply container is unlocked, the container is on the lower shelf, on the right side behind a bottle. The hat is located on the left side of the table in the medical storage room on the floor. If you do not see it right away, go to the shelf and look at the floor. Lift the hat as much as the skeleton for the examination facilities and new locks on the shelf in the closet next to the trays at the back of the room.


Worked with Tina to create a particularly exciting canvas.

Advertisement: the skull can not be submitted to Biomedical once it has been taken to Hub.

The skeleton can be found in Medical within the Medical Storage area.
To get it, go to Sareh’s doctor’s office and pull the key to the box to his office. When the area is finished, remove the skeleton from the medical warehouse and lift the hub and make a channel. Enjoy!

Ring carrier

He found Bert’s white ring from the station.

These odds only appear at the end of the game, so don’t worry.
Once you have entered Mechanical Engineering, loosen and look carefully at the front rail at Operation Moonshot State Table. He will find the ring under the rail and ask ‘I can not reach it through the rail’. Go to Drone Bay and continue directly where you will be asked to enter a code. Hágalo, then I continue on that path until I have descended a ramp and turned right. If you stay there and look up, you can look up through the railway to where the entrance to Statens Bord- og Maskinteknik is. The ring will be half visible, hook and complete the game to get your chance.


I found the AR cat in all the crew records found at the station.

To achieve this achievement you need to find every single instance of Housecat as far as the game is concerned.
There are seven cases where the domestic cat can be found. For the odds to be active, make sure “House Cat” appears on the top of its HUD when looking at an animal.

  • Administration: The cat can be found in the meeting room, sleeping in a chair next to the window next to the wall calendar.
  • Operations: The cat can be found in the laundry. When you enter, approach the washers and look up and straight to the top of the vent.
  • Botany: the cat can be found in the protein growth space in the feed supply area. In the living room, walk next to the hongs and look directly at the rice protein wine on the corner. You will find the cat sleeping on the reef near the tube.
  • Medical: The cat can be found in the exam facilities’ photo room. When you enter the drawing room, look down under the exam table.
  • Mechanical Engineer: the cat is found in the Powercell access room. When you enter the room, take a step towards the cardboard box and look at the shaft net where the fan is up against the wall. The cat will sleep next to an electric cell next to it. If you have trouble seeing, use as much as you can.
  • Network technology: the cat is located in the central area of ​​network technology. Restore memory and pause at the beginning. Stop where Sareh’s blue avatar is, and look at the illuminated center pillar and then up and to the right through the window. The cat sleeps on the windowsill.
  • Huben: The cat is found in the Criogenia del Hub area. Once you have restored the memory, take a step closer to EV St. James (the station administrator) looks at his arms to find him supporting the domestic cat.

That’s why you are

Activa to Juliet and reúnela with Romeo in zero gravity.

This achievement can only be achieved at the end of the game.
The cleaning robot found at the beginning of the game under the name Hub is “Romeo”, and has a forgery called “Julieta”. The homologous cleaning robot can be found in the dry crystal area where EV St. James and Clive Siddiqi in the beginning of memory. It is next to Sareh Hasmadi’s cryogenic capillaries; saw the robot and suéltelo in the main area of ​​the Hub. When “Julieta” and “Romeo” meet physically, the odds will show up.

employee of the Month

Escape from Tacoma after hearing all incoming messages from Venturis.

During the game you will receive messages from the Venturis company.
It looks like the words have been through the game or not, to get this chance you need to open your AR registration and remove all the Virtus messages starting from Tacoma Station at the end of the game. At this point, you should have a total of nine (9) messages. If you only have eight, go to the pool area to receive Juno’s last message.

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