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These 5 tips will help you become a better player and survive some of the more difficult encounters that this game has to offer. Also, assume you are using an Xbox controller.

Five tips for all players

Tip # 1 While standing still, press “Y” to make a special defense

SOR4 does not have a blocking button, but the special defender has odds marks to help avoid attacks. This is because developers have made sure that they can not send spam that takes part of their health to use it. Here your health bar turns green. You have the ability to restore your health by attacking the enemy, but if you get hit before you can restore your health, you lose.

Tip # 2 Use a weapon

Yes, yes, I know you want to make those crazy combinations with your fist, but it’s smart to use as many weapons as you can, as much as possible. The vultures and vultures not only have a good medium but can also fly towards enemies. Some steps are slippery, so if you see a pipe or a boat, you can easily overturn them.

In certain stages you will find higher quality weapons, such as katanas and other attractive swords. These do a lot of damage and can help with crowd control when the enemies come back too much.

In addition, master the art of launching and grabbing. When you throw a weapon at an enemy, the weapon will bounce back and forth so you can grab it and fire it a second, third, or fourth time. This is useful when you want to keep some distance from enemies that are dangerous to approach.

advice n. ° 3 Recoja the money

Even food if you are in full health!

This advice is most useful when playing arcade games because you do not want to restore your life after starting a new phase as in the story, but it is not to make it a habit. When you earn enough points, you get an extra life. Get all the money you can that will contribute to your points. If your partner needs the food to recover, thank you, but restore the food and you will also get points. Hitting the enemies will also give you points, but you will be detained once you are dead so you do not have to exaggerate.

Tip # 4 Do not leave your partner behind

She does not stop running and leaves her partner. Your friend will have a hard time fighting with enemies outside the screen because the enemies can still see and still attack. Do not play the game and play with the camera. Make sure you are close by and that you can see all the enemies on the screen so that there are no unnecessary surprise attacks that could have been avoided.

advice n. ° 5: noise block and basic combination

When you hit an enemy, you will notice that the enemy is defeated in a few seconds. If it strikes again just before it recovers, the entertainment animation will be restored. You can do this 4 times and in the fifth it falls to the ground. Stun Locking is a great combo starter where you can get a good 2-4 hits before making your combo, giving an extra damage that is useful for enemies with healthier.

Provided you have an Xbox controller

  • “X, X, X, -> -> X” is a basic combination that can handle most situations.

But if you add blockchain …

  • “X (set), X (set), X (set), X, X, X, -> -> X, Y + B” You can get even harder and cause more damage.


  • “XX (burn), XX (burn), XX (burn), X, X, -> -> X, Y + B” Tocas twice X and still maintains the attack on the enemy.

In bosses, they intend to combine their teammates’ combinations to continue the chain, especially when they have the boss on the wall.

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