▷ Soda Dungeon – How to get buttons and money fast

This guide will help you clean up through the game.

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The first 500 levels

You will need 3 slings and 2 slings, no matter how you arm the rings, as long as it is good or if you give better items / gold.
When / if you check your computer, you intend to automatically detain a boss and rob it. This will give you gold faster, something everyone wants in Soda Dungeon. Every time you get a lot of money, you save or cook essentially. Then you can make more money in any way, due to liquid gold, and you will get more into the mazmorra.

501 – 1000

This requires 1 dark magician, 1 knight, 1 brick and 2 sliders in that order.
The dark magician is for the damage, the knight defends your enemies and does so so you do not get caught, the stone is here because of the extra essence / gold (all chests are also open) and the sanadores are here to heal.


Extreme times require extreme measures.
So you need Shifters. Those with Void Cola, the last in the VIP section. Explain what to do in another section.


If you want to make progress, you must always have your first line team.

Merchants and demon skins

Never use them only because they are useful in very very specific situations.
What is better? Noxin, which does very good damage and can cause / confuse, and Necroblast, which constantly does massive damage. 50/50 and prosperity spending money and its versions worse than Noxin and Necroblast. And with Demon Horns, the blue limo is better than them, and it’s sad because it’s a lot easier to get than Demon Horns. It does not reduce your attack / health, but it does not reduce any statistics, what could be the difference between life and death.


These (such as tips for describing refreshments) are, like all customers, gathered.
Because you can have two skills of a normal pattern at the same time. Changes have relics for each pattern, and that level of dependence increases every time they do things with the specific pattern. For example: if you judge with a sanador, the remnant of the sanador will rise. When a relic reaches a certain level, you can acquire the skills of that pattern.

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