▷ Shadow Arena – Orwen’s Hero Guide (Battles and Skills)

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This guide describes Orwen’s hero in detail.

Orwen Hero’s Guide


Orwen is a semi-elfo, born of an elf father and a human mother.

Because he was mixed, he grew up without being part of any human or elf community. Despite his excellent archery skills, he had long been a loner. Without hesitation, everything in his life changed when he met the secret guards.

fighting style

Orwen’s skill kit consists of long-range attacks with the bow.

She’s at a big disadvantage in body-to-body combat, so it’s critical for her to keep her distance and create a ciego point to turn the fight in her favor.


Natural catapult

Use an arrow to damage enemies at a distance. Use Twin Fairy Arrow to scatter 2 arrows at once and deal more damage. You can use it while sitting on the couch.

Thunderbolt Arrow

Ignore the energy of the beam in the arrow and it disappears, disabling the DP of the affected enemies. The arrow’s damage, speed, and frequency increase the longer it lasts. While charging, press LMB or RMB to distribute instantly.

arrow storm

Spread multiple arrows forward to return to the enemy.

Use the spin to do a deadly jump backwards and increase the distance.

Flecha de hada gemela Toma

given the power of the gem lashes to temporarily increase the Natural Shooter’s damage.

Explosive trap

Install a bum that explodes with the power of the ghosts. Enemies who lash out will be hunted and will be harmed by thirst. You can use it while sitting on the couch.

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