▷ Romancing SaGa 2 – How To Get Dark Magic

Of the six types of magic in Romancing SaGa 2, dark magic is the only one that takes a little effort to obtain.
To win it, you have to make a sacrifice, and this guide shows you how.


Keep in mind that this requires a small sacrifice before you get started.
If you go after the dark magic, the cities of Tsukijima and Zemio will be destroyed and the Salamandra class will disappear. Your Emperor will also resign and be replaced by one of the other members of your party.

Dark magic is obtained through the second mountain.
Common scenario. To start, you must have added Tsukijima (the island in the top right corner of the map) to the realm and expect several generations. Eventually I should receive this message.
After this, go to Tsukijima.
If the screen flashes every time you talk to someone, you’re definitely good to go.

See Zemio and talk to Salamander in the upper house on the left.
If for some reason you don’t have Zemio on your map, talk to the people in Tsukijima until you find out. I’m pretty sure one of the guys in the pub will activate it. Then you will be informed that everyone in Tsukijima is evacuating the island.
Go back to Tsukijima and talk to the mayor.
After that, the city is evacuated.

the eruption

After Tsukijima is evacuated, return to Salamander with what you said earlier.
He will give you the Comroon Hammer.
Now comes the part where we leave for the volcano to erupt.
Normally you would climb the volcano and jump the boss at the top. In turn, return to Tsukijima and observe how it destroys.
If you look at the map, you will see that something new has appeared.
Now ignore and see the Citadel of the Seer.
Unlike when you visited before, now there are monsters everywhere.
Enter and cross the statues to open a new way.
Once you reach the roof, enter the tower on the right.
Go up a stairwell and then go up through the lower part of the screen.

Go up the stairs to the wizard’s room.
Despair and tell you that you are going to the new island.

the island

Salt from the Citadel and save the island.
On the right there are stairs. Lead the mazmorra.
In the middle is a breaker on the floor.
Pisarlo will make the image of the elephant on the right sparkle. From here, immediately turn right and look for another staircase.
After descending the stairs, climb to a cave.
Then you’ll find the Sorceror parked in front of a chest.
Talk to him and you can choose to fight him or let him go.
Let him go until he loses the dark magic so fight him. I recommend avoiding it beforehand, it’s not particularly difficult, but it’s still possible to kill the whole group with a single attack.
After this, the emperor left the throne and one of the members of his group took his place.

The volume

Return to where you fought the wizard.
Open the box to find some gold, items and a magic book.
Return to Avalon and go to the magical lab, specifically the divine lab.
Talk to someone and they will leave you alone.
Then salt and right through the forest.
Now you have access to dark magic.

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