▷ Receptor 2 – All trick codes

This guide contains all the currently known trick codes …


Receiver 2 contains trick codes that have been transferred from the previous game along with some new ones.

All tricks can be entered by simply typing during the game, no console required!

All tricks

Receptor 1 tricks (transferred)

  • IDDQD: God way.
  • IDKFA: provide complete ammunition (be careful to delete it correctly … K is now an instant key).
  • SLOMO – Ultralight camera.

Receptor tricks 2

  • INSIGHT – Force the ranking down.
  • RECIBIR – +1 Love.
  • NOCLIP – Sin klip …

Depuration menu

Contains massive spoilers!

  • Use Ctrl + F12 in the step menu to activate.

Open the defense menu to access more tricks and options. in addition, this includes some features that you would not otherwise be included in the game. Consider that it is faulty and will most likely cause problems.

It is not a compatible feature!

The developers used it during the tests. If you get bugs or errors during use, it’s technically a user error, not the game’s fault.

Other than that, here are some features (and spoilers):

  • Volverse invisible to enemies.
  • Eliminate all enemies.
  • Pilots drone enemies.
  • Engage enemies.
  • Load levels / forced load speeds (some spoilers in level names and level files.

The defense menu also includes some enemies that are not in the game, such as aludir to “the game’s last bosses”, such as GUNSHIP or Sniper (the semi-functioning cargo ship).

There are also some enemies that are not on the generation list, but that are mentioned in the cell versions, which are travel mines, power bombs and bombs (bombs have a WIP model but do not work in the game).

In addition to this, there are cutting levels, especially a receptor component, a firing range and a test level that contain a bomb bot. more than one level containing a final style recipient 1.

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