▷ Planet Stronghold 2 – General tips and tricks

General tips and tricks (in a step-by-step tutorial) on combat, elements, level climbing, various constructions, autocombat.

Useful tips and tricks

Creating grades and team members

Creating grades

You can choose any class for Lisa / Joshua according to your preferences. The additional skills you can choose are very important and will define how you play your game. It is divided into 4 categories: passive ability, improvement ability, disadvantage ability and offensive ability.


Soldiers class of passive skills you can choose some additional skills that are a little different: Dual power instead of psychological regeneration. Dual Wield is very good and only Michelle in the main group has that ability.

On the contrary, it is difficult to kill HP regeneration, which is probably one of the most useful abilities when combined with Perfect Form (speed boost).

Improved options

The psychic class has different skills: invisibility and control. If you play like Psionic and get Cure, you will be the definitive healing machine. By default, the other psychics (Rumi and Jacob) can be healed, but the negative benefits can not be healed. With Cure you can do that. For other classes, Quick Hands or Strike Back are good benefits.

Debuff functions

For those debuffers have Psionic Confusion instead of Finisher, and the soldiers have Barrage. Disarm debuff is definitely one of the most powerful, will not do much damage, but it is good to get time / mass control.

Offensive abilities

Offensive skills will now vary depending on the class chosen. For Psionics, all the possibilities are very good. Encouraging, robs of life, loses power. You can not change it, it just depends on your preferences. With Charm and Rumi in the same team, if you fight enemies on the same level, you can have fun enclosing them and killing them between them (by the way, up to a certain point). For other classes, just as much Time Bomb as Kill Them All is very useful. Time Bomb has a safe delay, but is excellent for destroying armor, and Kill Them All, if you level it up to the maximum, will allow you to use including rifles or heavy weapons to beat all enemies.

Party members

The other members of the group are divided into four main classes:

  • Soldier: Michelle and Milo
  • Guardian: Damien and Tom
  • Explorer: Rebecca and Philipp
  • Psychic: Rumi and Jacob
  • Michelle: is probably the most deadly character in the game. By utilizing double shooting and other skills such as Disarm, Critical Strike, etc., you can even defeat the toughest enemy!
  • Milo: is excellent for inflicting damage in a timely manner with its toxin and disabling properties with Soot Strike. Attacks of long duration, but very powerful
  • Damien: the most useful ability is probably the time bomb, but even fear tactics can be very useful in certain areas, which is the only ability that can reduce the HP / PP recovery of enemies.
  • Empty: is the true guardian, has many useful skills for the group for morality and also a psychological link to heal other members. Barrage is also very useful in reducing the arming of enemies.
  • Rebecca: compensates for the long predetermined setbacks from cargo ship weapons with abilities like Perfect Shape and Quick Hands. Chain Shot is also a good skill: Use it to end up with an enemy and be able to get rid of new ones right away!
  • Philipp: Drunk Shot ability is fun, but also effective: even if you fail the target (as it is likely), you will continue to cause good damage by accidental timing / force. And when you face a lone enemy, he will always beat you.
  • Rumi: she is the definitive leadership character, and with Psionic Regen and a good team, she will almost never stand without Psionic Points. Charm is fun to use and also useful in many areas, but not least Psionic Shield as well.
    Jacob is not as good as Rumi at maintaining PP, but he has interesting skills like Steal Life and abilities to weaken / debuff opponents like Weakness and Drain Power.

Game and match tips

There is no single strategy for winning battles, also because it largely depends on the type of enemies you are facing. Next, we provide some general useful tips:

  • Ahorre en menudo! the game has an automatic save feature, but remember to check back regularly if you want to go back and try different routes. Personally, I would recommend playing normally the first time and then using Visual Novel Mode to go back to playing and see other routes / things you have lost.
  • Keep your articles updated! In this game, more than in all my previous games, the level of the elements is very important. Meet an enemy group at level 5 with your own characters at level, but with items at level 1-2 it will be difficult
  • Initially, it will be difficult to get elements of good rarity (Low / Epic). Most of the legendary articles are rewarded with missions. So, if the first missions can fail without consequences (end of game), completing them can reward you with powerful elements.
  • It is necessary to update the existing team without restrictions, sometimes it is better to leave it: an element of quality 4-5 levels higher than a lower surface element becomes more powerful, and in some cases it is not worth investing all the resources to update items. You will constantly find new elements as they evolve in the story.
  • The elements can be used in combat even if they are paralyzed. Medikits and Aqua Pura work well to restore HP / PP, while grenades are very useful for weakening enemies and solving difficult situations. Consider that the grenades have a level, like weapons / armor, and their damage changes according to the level. Therefore, it is not worth keeping them for a long time, on the contrary, they will do minimal damage if you use a level 1 grenade against a level 10 encounter. Do not despair, but do not let them go too far!
  • Attributes have a flexible limit: as long as you can set all your attribute points, for example in the constitution, the benefits at a higher level will be minimal (and will be very slow / inaccurate). In general, it is best to distribute the point evenly and try to choose one or two areas according to the class. For scouts, speed is important, for Guardians / HP Soldiers, for Psionics PP, etc.
  • In Chapter 2 you will unlock a very useful sector, Delta 7. In it there is a Dredan Merchant who can sell many useful resources to update your team, and Kai Psionic Academy where you can store shops but most importantly of all you can use Gharl Stones to earn 2 new attribute points which are useful if you want to balance some members of the group better.
  • Do not hesitate to complete all missions in one day. You play at least at an easy / normal level. At higher levels, the fat target will accumulate. The game days you must complete will be enough to complete all missions without delay.
  • Automatic combat is very useful, especially for random encounters where you are clearly superior to your enemies. My favorite way to use it is to activate it, watch some rounds, then deactivate it once to heal or weaken some enemies (automatic combat uses no abilities except healing) and then flip it over again. This way, even the polished one gets much faster!
  • You can use different weapons for the same battle. You can do anything on the offensive or vice versa, try to defend and weaken / strengthen the enemies. The sequel shows a video that was made some time ago but is still valid to show what I want to say:

In this case, the enemies in some battles will be fast and try to catch / kill fast, so the only way will be to kill them faster!

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