▷ PAYDAY 2 – Guide to the Island of Hell

This is a guide to the new back that will hopefully help you.


With current generation missions and body-to-body combat nature on the map, a weapon that can easily eliminate groups of enemies is recommended.

The suggestions are:

  • Akimbo Grimms.
  • Lanzagranadas.
  • Rifle with Graze skills (requires good aiming!)

The Swan Song and Inspire axes are also very useful in this post.

In my experience, ammunition bags are not really mandatory.
Considering that this card is close and the number of enemies is high, you will run into ammunition picking as long as you have a weapon with a good ammunition collection and still kill enemies.

The shops with first aiders with Uppers improved are quite useful when you need water in an area where there are many enemies.

The doctor’s bags explain the same thing.
If you are detained in the locker room, everything will be over, you will not return.

Brain movement grenades can be useful when you need to pass quickly through an area.

1. Emboscada

You will drown in the sewer.
Look for a staircase. Come up and see a plate. When he goes and goes into the reconnaissance, there will be some Murkies waiting. In addition, an intermittent police raid will begin immediately.

When rescuing the sewers, you should have a termite nearby in a box with red tools.
Look around and you will definitely find it. DO NOT try to catch it, otherwise you will have to look for it when you get to the bars.

In my opinion, the safest way to survive the violence is by hanging on the left side of the shower, between the low walls.
Keeping together is impressive.

When the door is opened and the target is changed, go through the door to the bars.
This is where the term comes in. The termite must be placed at the top and bottom of the rods for it to work. When you are disappointed, go to the adjoining room.

2. Cells

When you enter the room, you will see a control room.
For the doors to open, everyone must stay close to them. Inside the control room there is 1 Murkie. Strike or strike like a rope if one of your companions manages to put it in custody.

You must have a computer near the window.
Ice and search in Bain with bedspreads. When it finds it, it is highlighted. The mobile number is in front of the door. Enter the cell number on the keyboard. Now wait 2 minutes until the cell door opens and the bath can run. After a while, the endless police raid will end.

Until the cell door opens, stay in the control room while walking.
It’s the safest place to be. When it opens, go to the door to the next area. Go down the stairs. If necessary, use the activated ammunition bag so that it does not return.

3. Cantina / Lavandería

Post through the cell block and through the doors to the canteen or laundry.
Once in the canteen / laundry, looking for the white door and slate. While digging, stay close to the door, which is the safest place there.

When the exercise is done, open the door and look for a lighter on the floor.
It should be close to a dead Murkie. Exit the room and use the doors from the door of the closed cell. When it opens, a tower begins to disintegrate. Just walk past it and go straight to the Death Eater’s room. Another cell door is coming. Use the knife and move forward. Once again, keep coming forward until you find the door to another cell. Work with the litter and go up the stairs.

4. Techo

Now I had to be in the living room with access to the closet.
Once again, go down the stairs and lead to the door of the closed cell. Abel with the llavero. Directly to the room. There will be another closed door which cannot be opened with the key. You must open it with the ignition switch. To be active, all your teammates need to be in the living room.

When the ignition switch is active, guide it through the door.
You will see Bain, who will fall unconscious. When Locke recovers, he instructs Faro and hits the Murkies. A non-return point timer will be activated so that it opens to complete the goals.

When it is necessary to extend the bridge, lock / blow up the doors of the lighthouse with a key, switch off the turbine that is switched on and activate the switch.
Now hope Locke will have to calm down and stay with him and clear the area. When Locke is near the airport, he stays on the bottom platform until he has to pirate the checked checkbox. The trick with the control box takes 1 minute, so it is set to the point timer without return.

Once the checkbox is hacked, the door leading to the stairs to the airport opens.
Go up the stairs and get on the helicopter. Now hope Locke comes. When you arrive at the helicopter, the escape will be activated and the escape will be completed.

After the shooting, Locke will say that Bain is being treated by professionals and that Murkywater has infected him with some kind of virus.


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