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Cassie – The Definitive Guide

Introduction: (What makes Cassie special, who are her main objectives?)

Cassie, the infamous injury champion, apparently manages to eliminate her targets in one go and close her eyes.

Cassie is a damage champion, has a health pool just below the average of 2300, armed with a ballet.
They all miss their projects, which takes time to travel in the air. Compared to Drogoz, for example, Cassie’s disappearances will be much faster, but it’s something to keep in mind and may need tweaking. One important thing to keep in mind is that unlike other projects, such as Maeve’s knives, there is no descending curve. Plus, there’s no end to damage, meaning Cassie deals just as much damage from the bottom of the map as it does in someone’s face.

Skills Summary

Skills Overview: (An overview of Cassie’s skills, when to use them, and how to maximize her impact.)

(Ballesta) (LMB) (Direct)

Your ball fires an arrow that deals 680 damage, with a rate of fire of 0.75 seconds.
Each time you stop you get a maximum load of 4.2% and with a high projectile velocity it is an easy stop.

(Desenganchar) (RMB) (Director) – [12S]

Start by removing an arrow that deals 200 damage and hits your opponent backwards (800 Knockback Impulse).
Disconnect the otorga with a maximum load of 1.3% to hit.

(Explosive displacement) (Q) (Area) – [10S]

Blast Shot fires an arrow that explodes on impact, dealing an AOE attack of 450 damage and reducing damage to those nearby.
This results in obtaining a maximum load of 3% per hit and between 0.5% and 2% for each hit.

(Skip) (F) (Move) – [5S]

Wheel 50 units in the direction of the movement.
You can still get hit while driving.

(Scout) (E) (Ultimate)

It sent you into the air for 8 seconds.
This reveals enemies to the allies, to yourself, and gives you CC immunity and 30% movement speed. Please note that the latter will lapse in the event of Cassie’s death and the reveal will have global reach. (You can’t get the maximum load while it lasts).



Execution allows you to deal 30% extra damage to your next stop after using Dodge Roll.
It would have been Cassie’s main talent that everyone else had, but it has since disappeared. This is a great talent for Cassies who prefer mobility and close range combat, a good choice when faced with a lot of flanks or small maps.

(Just take a breath)

Just Breathe doesn’t reduce damage one step further.
All ballerinas deal up to 30% more damage when they have traveled 70 feet. This allows Cassie to continue playing and is an excellent counter-attack to an enemy Kinessa or Strix. This is a good selection on long tunnel maps like Stone Keep, Timber Mill, Splitstone Quarry.


For much of Meta’s current equipment, Impulse adds benefits to your Blast Shot.
Increases Blast Shot damage from 450 to 700, in addition to reducing the reuse time by 2 seconds. Combined with a charge, this talent allows Cassie to go through low health champions, dealing a lot of damage to the enemies grouped at that point.

(Great game)

After hitting an enemy with disengagement, subsequent missiles will deal 10% of their max health damage for 6 seconds, which will affect their main attack.
Big Game can be a great option when facing double frontline teams (e.g. Inara and Makoa), and can deal damage once. Cabe indicates that without the load change, the Deactivation re-use time may be longer (12 seconds). This talent can also be combined with a maximum load of KB on cards with environmental risks, such as the fish market.


  • Cruces : stands for items that I would not recommend buying under any circumstances.
  • Corazones : Items that are safe to buy in most situations.
  • Garrapatas : Elements that are decent or conditional and depend on what the opposing team is doing. It includes an explanation of when to use the marked items in our planned item purchase guide.



cinetica de
cargo explosive and explosive showers are essential; without embargo, the other three cards and their levels depend on you of course. Drain Life can be effective, without embargo, Cauterize disminuye its bonuses. The deadly jump is an extremely effective escape mechanism. Who is a bad habit for me really can’t play without the extra ammo, without embargo, if you can avoid this it might be an idea to change it for something more useful. Equipment for Dodge Roll
While Dodge Roll Cassie does not have a frequent Dodge Roll and is severely disabled, I would recommend using this equipment on nearby maps such as Brightmarsh (mainly).
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This equipment is not all serious, it is a lot of fun to use.
I wouldn’t recommend in Classified, without limitation, can work in Casual on maps like Fish Market or others with high environmental risk. Of course you can swap cards like Megaton’s Blast Shower (increased Blast Shot KB) with no restrictions, this can be inconvenient. The elimination of Raze can make it an effective tool along with Big Game talent for each map.

Insinua advice

Suggestions and Tips: (Tips for using Cassie, special circumstances, etc.)

Cassie’s latest: Explorer, can be an excellent way to escape a high attack by a CC, such as an ultimate Torvald (not that his ultimate is already denied by 100 things), or even something like an ultimate Seris.
It’s important to keep in mind that this may not be the best practice, so using the latter to avoid can only mislead the team. The latter also offers a direct counterpart to Maeve’s latest: Midnight. Allies can still see the location of the enemies, canceling Midnight’s main effects (you have to be careful to leave the map in Fish Market!)

Remember that when using an explosive charge to maximize the number of people it will hit at that time;
this means your reuse time is reduced, in addition to giving up a cleaning blast. You can fire an explosive fire almost simultaneously with a normal fire to deal 1350 damage in milliseconds.


Classified: (Cassie is classified, when prohibited, to whom it can be contradicted).

Since OB69, Cassie has been banned regularly and is considered a high-level champion.
If you can remember it is highly recommended, remember to consider the map and what your opponents have written so far.

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