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Team assembly

You can save the team composition for any content.
You can collect up to 5 heroes in one team.

For the aliens, the effects of the hero’s leader’s ability have been established as a leader.
The assembled team cannot be saved and no leader is established.

In addition, you may not deploy more than 2 of the same person to arm a team.

Leadership Skills

The effects of the hero leader’s ability apply to the entire team.

Only leader skills can be applied to heroes who meet certain conditions, so it is important to gather strategically in his team.

How to assemble?

Touch a hero space to display the upcoming Hero Selection window.

Touch a hero in the right list to equip/replicate a hero in the hero room activated on the left.

To change the location, tap the checkerboard to change the activated hero lock.

You can place a friend’s character as a fifth hero to use in Campaign, Terra Shift, and Dimension Gate.

You can choose a friend’s hero that is the same as a hero already collected.
You can also apply the effects of a friend’s leadership ability.

Formation configuration and line effects

In Formation Setup you can change a hero’s formation.

There are 3 types of training: the front, middle and back lines.
Depending on the hero’s location, you can get a damage reduction of 15%, up to a maximum of 30% per line.

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