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This guide teaches you how to go to the lab, clean it, get rare weapons and a lot of money!

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The laboratory is the new location added in the last park, it is the perfect place to work, better than the bank, you will not only get a lot of money but also some rare weapons!
So this guide was here to help you with that.

Arrival at the laboratory and proposed equipment

The lab is located in pantano, which means it needs protection from toxins, but we will discuss it after this amazing map.

As you can see on the map, you should avoid the boss bear (because they are literally impossible).
There is also another entrance to the laboratory which I will comment on further.
Be sure to hand in the items before shipping to pantano, because the merchant’s items elsewhere will not be shared with the merchant in the pantano and lab!

Suggested team:

  • RPD (best weapon for this) or RPK (rpd is a live update that has 25 additional responses in the magazine).
  • Prototype AK.
  • Standard 12 and USAS 12.
  • Complete exo (if you do not have exo, wear a protective suit and old mascara).

What to do when you get to the safe area:

  • Then I put the other door to the right.

  • So look for this door (there are 2 doors, one on each side).

  • And now you just have to go into Scottish, congratulations, you’re inside the lab.

Basic information about the laboratory

So you should have your first place.

The grocery store is in front and goes to the right.

The laboratory has 4 floors (the map will only show the floor where it is located), the first floor is a safe area with small bottles, such as shops and food.

Second floor has 5-6 soldiers, one of them is always chief defender.

The third floor has 7 to 10 soldiers, one of whom is always the chief defender.

The fourth floor is not military, but it is extremely toxic, it has about 15 floors and 1 main floor that is always displayed.

Note: you can currently get the “Genocide” tool by cleaning the second or third floor, which is a possible bug.

Floor 1

Things to do:

  • 1) The aforementioned trader will be helpful.
  • 2) The departure.


to get up to the 2nd floor you have to follow the stairs that are right at the exit in the hallway.

Floor 2

How to get rid of it: to get rid of it, grab it, open the door and then come to the military, then run back to this place and ambush them (note: in this picture I killed the enemies).

If you have a small amount of money, do not have time to run back and buy a little, the enemies will only be horrified when they leave floor 1. Be sure to return to attack them if you do.

Defenders on both floors are a bit rare that they run away from right by the door, only occasionally stopping to leave, it’s your time to kill them, be careful that only a few of their losers can override your exo.

Enemy fine:

bathroom cabinets: room 2 has the possibility of installing rare items (a helmet and a respirator).

Floor # 3

Remember that the stairs from floor 2 lead you to floors 3 and 4.

3rd floor strategy!
Floor 3 is about the same as floor 2, only in a different place (enemies come back to die) Be sure to take a look, it will not always turn out.
The button of the body is the same, only in large numbers there are several enemies.
Do you remember that deviation from what you were talking about? This is all I have no idea where it really leads.

Floor # 4

Strategy: well, if you do not have exo, then I suggest that you do not bother on this floor, the rat boss can destroy you extremely quickly, and on this floor (unlike others) you are guaranteed to be hit by him at. at least once.

By all means so (enemies killed once more).

The stairs are your safe space, when you hit the floor, all the enemies will immediately run through you, the little rats will die in 1-2 gunshot wounds, but the real desafío is the boss, he does not have much health but a lot of damage.
you have to make it come after you, so when you start to get too close, go up the stairs (sometimes you can even hit the stairs, but you will not follow), repeat this until you are dead, the little rats are not an absolute disappointment.

Buttons of carcasses: small rats are expensive, so you can not get buttons from them, but you can be forced to get meat, but the large plate contains the chief’s typical button, sometimes steel rods and other things.

Bed and Breakfast:

Important: it is better that you grab all this quickly less than you want to spend money so that the access cards are reused quickly (excluding the main assessment, so you are saved).

Finally fine

Here is the button that pops up after a few races.
They also sell some reactor batteries.

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