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A quick guide on how to use consumer electronics in the game, as much hardware as software. Use consumer electronics without the possibility of “pirating”.


In an attempt to complete the main mission in the city, the author had some problems when he decided to avoid the attention of the police. So, after searching the internet, the author had found zero information on this issue. It was especially strange for the game, which has been on sale for a period of more than 6 years. So the author had researched this issue for his account and decided to make this guide for other players to close these empty spaces in the information.

This guide is written for players who do not have a special “Hacking” skill in their possession. Players with the ability to “hack” in its construction will have some additional benefits, and there are some guides on Steam that describe how to use this ability, so the author lost this information.

Note: the author’s character has the ability as an “Electrician” in the construction, so this could be something important for the main mission, but has no bearing on the overall ability.

Consumer electronics hardware

There are four types of consumer electronics in the game. Each device consists of its own device and a container for batteries and software. Each battery must be charged to operate.

  1. Mobile Phone (MaBell “Go Fone”)
  2. Smartphone (Altus “Universe”)
  3. Tablet PC (iSlab)
  4. Laptop (FJN “Copperbook”)

There is a special hardware container for all the data in the game called “Memory Stick”, which allows you to store all data or software and transfer them between devices. We will use these containers to sell valuable data to merchants and to purchase and install any merchant-specific software.

Infographics: Frequently asked questions on charging batteries Where to charge batteries? There are cargo sheds on the floor in tiles near the city. How can I charge a battery?

  • Right-click on the charger and select the “Use” command to add more load to the charger.
  • Select the “Empty” command to move all the load of the loader to the floor.
  • Unload the load from the floor and put it in the empty battery.
  • If the battery is partially charged, use Shift to set the difference between its value and 20 or simply the partial charge of the battery and put the full charge in place.

United by hardware

Burnt / burnt

Use the context menu to zoom in / out on your device.

Blocked / Revoked Los

blocked devices have a special letter (or session boot fields for the laptop) and the player can not operate them before piracy. Unlocked devices can be operated by the player, but there are some restrictions on the use of special software without the possibility of hacking. To use the unlocked device, execute the “Use” command in the device context menu.

Consumer electronics software

There are three types of software in the game.

  • Smartphone software (green)
  • Tablet software (violet)
  • Mobile software (orange)

Players without piracy knowledge could only operate directly on two of them: software for smartphones and tablets.

Data blocks (marked in brown) could serve as software in case of storage and translation.

You can not access the encrypted blocks (marked in black) without the option to “hack”.

Frequently asked questions about using software

How do I install / uninstall software on my device?

  • Must have software on any data storage device (memory card or other memory device)
  • You must have enough free space in the container on your device (3 cells in a row / column)
  • Burn your devices (both if software storage is a different device)
  • Use the source device in any hand
  • Download software or data from the source device and send it to its receiving device
  • It will be stored in the device container near the batteries.
  • To uninstall software / remove data block, use the reverse action

How many programs can I use at one time?

It is easy to calculate that you can install a maximum of 3 applications or data blocks on smartphones and tablets at the same time.

There are three different applications for smartphones and tablets:

Can I store software or data blocks separately from the storage devices?

No, you could not. Because software is not an object of the material world.

Do the software or data blocks have special modes?

Yes you have. It can be decoded (marked in black) and decoded. You can easily move corrupted data and software from unlocked devices to other unlocked devices. To decrypt the data, unlock the blocked device with the ability to hack.

Note: may be “encrypted state” is not a separate data state, but it is the result of the device’s blocked state, the author does not know, and there is no official data on this issue for developers in the game manual.

Can you get any benefit from selling software?

Yes, you could. When you get a device, make sure it has some stored data. Enciéndelo. Even on unlocked devices without power, all data and software blocks are marked in black. Therefore, the device must be activated to determine if the data is encrypted or not. If the data blocks are decoded, they are converted to other colors (not black) and you can move them to archives as memory cards. Then you can sell these cards to earn extra profits from tens of thousands of dollars to thousands of dollars for some data.

Note: you can buy cheap empty laptops from time to time at retailers.

How to use RFID software in the game?

  • You must have the appropriate device with the appropriate software type installed (green for smartphone; purple for iSlab tablet).
  • I hate your device.
  • Use the “Electrician” skill tag on the event screen.
  • Then use the RFID tag on the event screen.

Note: It is not necessary to have the ability to “hack” to solve these missions, but as for the ability “Electrician”, the author does not have the information, because the author can not reproduce the game without it, now that the author makes this guide.

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