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Adjust the duration of rooms in MyCareer

Adjusting the length of the room for the NBA 2K20 MyCareer is somewhat contradictory.

Most players will try to adjust this configuration from the game’s main menu, the same center where you can select Play Now, MyCareer, MyLeague, 2KTV or Features.
I would go to Tools, then to Configuration and then adjust the length of the room.

Then I go into MyCareer mode, only to find that the duration of the room is still 5 minutes predetermined.
This should be such that when the length of a room in the main menu changes, it only changes to Play Now. You need to adjust the length of the room when you are in MyCareer mode so that it counts.

You should also make sure that you have completed the first half of MyCareer’s history.
You can not adjust the university game or the tests. But once you get to the NBA and play regular games on the calendar, you can start adjusting things. When it’s advanced enough, go to the MyCareer menu (you can press the Options button to display it if you’re in the closet) and go to Configuration.
You can adjust the length of a MyCareer room here.

This is especially important in the beginning of MyCareer, when bank sales and you only get a few minutes per.
Consider increasing the entire path to 12 minutes per. quarter; once it reaches the initial adjustment, it can be reduced according to your preferences.

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