▷ MONMUSU – Manage Game.exe malfunction

Lost your game because game.exe is not being downloaded correctly?
Here’s a way to keep track of your process/game!

The solution

So, does your Steam application say something similar to the game.exe file that is corrupted?
It is very likely that this is because Steam does not have permission to move files, but this is not important.

What’s important is that if you enter the steam/steamapps/downloads carpet you will see a carpet with random numbers for the name and in the game.exe file “damaged” (if there are multiple tapes check until you get it finds).

Now you are not limited to launching the game directly from there, nor do you intend to take it to the MONMUSU carpet in steamapps/commons so that the first one will erase the whole file and the second one will fail because it will attack your PC. the most likely is that you don’t have permission to modify the file (even if it’s the administrator).

All you want to do is copy the file, somewhere on the steamapps carpet, then do the same with all the MONMUSU carpet in common, and then just put the game.exe file in this new MONMUSU carpet.
This should work without any problems.

Did you understand?
Degradable! You can now play the game from this copied game.exe file, and your progress should be clear and saved.

If the technical problem occurs again, do it again.
If this method didn’t work well then I can’t help. The feeling.

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