▷ Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Are you a lost lover of witches, you want this opportunity, but you are not patient enough for Timelap, telecommunications and running like crazy in school during class?
I’ve done it for you, and here’s the guide. With something from Trivia if you want to read more somehow.

So which combination do I refer to as the king of laundry?

To get the right combination for this achievement.
The answer is.

Jasminka and Constanze are the combination that will make you take first place in Laundry King.

Where to find Constanze and Jasminka?

In the repair you like to run alone, here you can find them.

You can find Constanze at:

  • Academy Store A
  • Laboratory A
  • Yard
  • library
  • walk

You can find Jasminka at:

  • Cageteria vestibule
  • Cageteria
  • Yard
  • library
  • Granizo

Where will you meet them both once?

I’m sure you can.
the game even insinuates to you. Putting them both together in the same area twice, as if the developers wanted to make them feel empowered to win first place from the first intention or something like that.

What you need to know about this secondary event:

  • There are 3 generational patterns for this secondary event. is a random or permanent change corresponding to the start of the day for several consecutive days.
  • The first and second patterns can generate both in the same area, but the third pattern does not.
  • Day Patrol Select the same and continue loading the same saved file.

Things to prepare for before you start:

  • Farm Spellstone is common to all ruins (minimum x60 or more recommended).
  • Keep a small amount of telecommunications (a quantity less than x10 or more is recommended).
  • Open the Cystal Ball in the Akko room.

First order (both before kl.

8:00 Telecommunication to the Akko room.
Lotte will be seen in her room between kl. 8.00 and 9.59
Time lapse until 10:00 AM (11:00 AM is also fine).
Go to West Laundry and pick up the Goblin Custidian mission.
Open the map and you will see that there are new Bright Sub Event windows just as much in the Horologium Chamber as in the Courtyard.

Teletransport to the Horologium room you will find Lotte on the sidewalk near the bookshelf ready to invite.
Walk through the library on the path to the Hallway and enter the courtyard.
On the terrace.
With Jasminka on the right. And Constanze on the left. (In the game you are not that close, just combine these pictures). Stay in this area around 10:00 – 11:59

Secondary protector (both too late)

8:00 Telecommunication to the Akko room.
There is no Lotte in the room.
Time lapse until 10:00 AM (11:00 AM is also fine).
Go to West Laundry and pick up the Goblin Custidian mission.
Open the map and you will see that there is no ingenious secondary event in both rooms of the Horologium.
And Courtyard this time.
Return to Akko Room, Timelap at 14:00 (14:00).
After timelap. Sucy is sitting in her bed next to your list to invite her somehow. Also after kl. 16.00 (16.00) she went to that area.
Telecommunication to the Horologium Corre room to the library and then on to the hallway.
In the main building – 1F near the entrance on the right side of the gate. around 14:00 (14:00) [/ b, pero después de [b] 16:00 (16:00) is not there.

Third boss (hop)

You do not have everything in this pattern.

8:00 Telecommunication to the Akko room.
There is no Lotte in the room.
But it is still available to capture secondary history.
Try opening maps and see that there is only patio.
Even if you teleport to the Horologium Chamber, you’ll probably find Lotte there.

Continue to the patio where Sasuga found Diana instead of the two you were looking for.

From returning to the Akko room.
Timelap or stay there until 14:00 (14:00) to 16:00 (16:00). Sucy does not train either.
I intend to open the map and see that there is a light gray secondary event.
At that time and place, only the Bright Sub Event is required.
Seriously, none of them are in this protector.


If you want to read more in any way.

  • You may recognize that Constanze could be one of your combinations after trying to invite her (with anyone) to end the washing contest. And he had a conversation with her after that. Akko will say, “You did very well, Constanze!”
  • Jasminka. She only answers you twice “The king of clothes” and “It’s okay, I’m covering the sword”.
  • Lotte may be the first to find a choice for the first team.
  • Find out what Akko thought about the winner of the Toadstool Award after the competition.
  • Diana. “CAN really wash clothes.”
  • Amanda might have thought that Akko Held’s team had returned to this competition.
  • Professor Ursula (Ursula Sensei) seems really bad at what does not involve the use of magic.

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