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Section 3

American Graffiti – # 1

Once you have left your tent, you can go to the fog in the middle of the camp and draw on the throne.
Recuerdo n. ° 1: vagabundos af Dharma
Guide the dog that is next to the fog and acarícial.
Síguelo until it takes a new one and repeats until it jerks a ladle. Memory # 2 – Thought Train
After cutting the cogollo for a while, a bolígraph will show up in the queue (note: I’m not sure how many you need to cut before it shows up, cut around 9 before giving an account).
American Graffiti – Drawing # 2
When you return to Merrill’s, you can return to your store and book Cassidy or Finn.
Recuerdo n ° 3 – Zero data arms

After talking to Finn, he would pick up the tree trunk that stood outside his store.
Road around the tree and you can pick it up. Recuerdo n. ° 4: light green
When you drive to the lake to meet Daniel, drive to the right near the bush and on the floor next to the trunks is the fossil.
American Graffiti – Drawing Site # 3
While sitting on the beach with the group, you can watch the beach and draw.
Record No. 5 – Dance days
After talking to Cassidy before going to the lake, talk to Ingrid, who is sitting next to the fogata.
She will give you the offer to go and see things next to her store for fifth memory. Recuerdo n. ° 6 – One of us
When you encounter the screwdriver before manipulating the cars, you can open the screwdriver behind the truck.

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