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Logros / Trophies


Be addicted to alcohol.


Do not sleep for two days and two nights.


Be full until you come back in two days.


Hammer market for three days.

Library Guide

Read twenty books.

Edward Kelly

Prepare five types of vegetables

Serious assassin

Kill twenty enemies quietly


Bag with fifty hunting animals.


Up to the level he speaks maximally.

Rey Encantador

It is popular in all cities.


Complete all missions.


Do not match anyone below the main search bar (except Round).

Assassin in series

Feed to 200 people.


Discover everywhere on the map.


Ghana the Talmberg horse race.


Camine more than 50 km.


All the shrines are located on the side of the road and the intersection.


Roba lasts with a total value of 30,000 Groschen.

Maximum level

Alcanza the maximum level.


Achieve 100 combinations in battle.


Kill 50 enemies with spare parts in the lead.


Save 2000 groschen regating.


Atesora 5,000 groschen.


He spent three days in jail.

David Horak

Collect 10,000 plants.


Ghana 1000 Groschen and data minijuego.

Son of the gentleman

Complete the first mission.


Red Theresa de los cumanos.

Lacking! Main Mission: “Correct!”

After completing the first mission (after your city of Skalitz has been attacked), run downhill to escape the attackers.
Suppose you need to find a horse to ride in the city. On the way to the horse you can hear a woman “Theresa” screaming for help. Kill the soldiers who rode to win this trophy. If you go directly to the horse, you will lose it.


Enter Sir Radzig’s garrison.


Red Lord Capon de los Cumanos.


Save Ginger from the bandits.

Lacking! Main mission: Ginger in a pickle

During the main mission Ginger in Pickle you will find 3 camps with coal burners.
In the third camp, when working with the beetles, they agreed to kill the bandits for them (do not think of killing the bandits already). Now you can kill the bandits in the forest (step 2 of the video). Return to coal burners. Now tell me where Ginger is. Talk to him, select the dialog “Go there and see what happens”. Return to the Neuhof and talk to Sir Radzig to complete the mission. Now it’s time in 24 hours to get Ginger to show up at the Neuhof and talk to him to win the trophy. popular.


Runts face.


Convince him of money.


Find out who your true father is.


Conquer the enemy camp at Vranik.


Complete all optional objectives in the Assassination Mission.

The end

Complete the ground floor.

Brand initiator

To be imprisoned in Skalitz.


You must do this at the beginning of the game.
Skalitz is the city where the game begins. Dress something from a food stall while others come to you. Then a guard comes to arrest him. Press L1 + X to return. Tell the guard that he has no money and accept his imprisonment for his crime.

Then you get a special scene and the Firestarter trophy.


Chat with Father Godwin.

Lacking! Main Mission: “Mysterious Ways”.

In this mission you will hear from the Aldeans that the pastor of Uzhitz has vital information for your mission.
See it. I will invite you to the pub for the night. After talking to the pastor, bring forward the waiting time (press the touch panel) or lie down on a bed until it is too late. Place the tarvern next to the Uzhitz church. Sientes with the pastor and Elija always the first opportunity for dialogue on the upper side. In the end, I agree to be with them (usually the first dialogue opportunity at the top). You get a unique scene with the trophy afterwards. If you are not present at the pub, you can discuss with the pastor to get another chance. If you are not present, you may miss this. Similarly, if you select the other dialog options in the pub, this one will also be lost.

Plague doctor

Hope for them all
Multiple diseases .


Right Theresa.

For this trophy you must cut / fall in love with Theresa.
This is easy enough to do, but you’ll probably need to go further in the story to unlock the city of Rattay. You will receive a secondary mission here during a main story mission to visit Theresa called “Cortejo”.

For this, simply select one of the three places in the first meeting (the river is easy to do) and then say what happens in the dialogue, whether or not someone makes a mistake.
Then you have to wait 2 to 3 days to play before you come back to play with me.

After 2-3 days you get a new ink and go to the pub.
Fight the guy here and eat.

Expect 2-3 days soon and this will be the last date the “McLovin” trophy / achievement will be unlocked.


Hofdame Stephanie.

For this trophy you must cut / fall in love with Lady Stephanie.
This is pretty easy to do and does not take much time. After advancing a little further on the main missions in the town of Rattay, he returned to Talmberg and spoke with Lady Stephanie.

She will give him a secondary mission called “In Your Service, My Lady.”
You must bring 3 items for a wedding.

Once you have all these items (no matter how you get them, just tip), go back with Lady Stephanie and she will give you a shirt as a reward.
It’s important that you try on the shirt right there! You will not receive the Casanova Trophy anymore. Watch the scene after putting on the jersey and the trophy / prize is unlocked under it.


Pamper your friends in search of the Gallows Brothers.


Discover Erik’s past.


Take a look at the Talmberg hunter.

The fake master

Complete the Robber Baron mission.


Sabotage the three executions.

Bad trip

Dance with the demon.


Become single and complete the entire game like a virgin.

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