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I know that the said Survivalist in my opinion deserves a little more love, that I play and enjoy it a lot, I just discussed a few things so I hope you enjoy it.

Benefits and Skill Bonuses

Advantage bonuses

  • Extra weapon damage (up to 15%) (0.6% increase per level).
  • Resistance to global damage (up to 25%) (1.0% per level).
  • Heavy body armor (maximum 25%) (1.0% per level).
  • Zed time charging (up to 75%) (3.0% per level).

The gain bonuses for this class are not that bad especially the global damage resistance which exceeds Berserker by 15% and having heavy armor is extremely useful, without embargo the damage to the weapon is a bit small while other classes have a 20 -25% increase in weapon damage. , but this class is a game for all officials, so what to expect.

Level 5 skills

  • Tactical load: increase the loading speed of Commando, Gunslinger and SWAT weapons.
  • Heavy Weapons Training: increase loading speed with demolition weapons, detonators and support.

Elija the ability of the weapon you are using or going to use which is a requirement for an extra charge speed, some weapons are included in both skills so no matter which Elija is in that situation make sure you see what benefits that use weapon.

Level 10 . skills

  • Medical training: increases the healing power by 30% and decreases the healing time as much as the medical jeringa as the healing darts by 50%.
  • Body to body expert: increase your body-to-body attack speed by 20%, deal 50% more damage with body-to-body weapons, and move 25% faster when using a body-to-body weapon.

I would recommend Melee Expert as the main weapon chosen by Survivalist, the Hemoclobber would be more useful to increase speed to escape zeds faster, overcome Scrakes and position them to hold/block Fleshpounders, Medic training if you have a medical configuration for Survivalist, but never see me use this capability.

Level 15 . skills

  • Chaleco’s ammunition: you get 15% more ammo for all weapons and your grenade turns into a healing grenade.
  • firearms: increase the payload by 5 and your grenade turns into a molotov cocktail.

I highly recommend the ammunition chaleco especially in the previous rounds which is not used for extra space and molotov is a broom. The cleaning grenade is one of the best skills for this perk, the nade not only treats you to your team but also deals a fair amount of damage to the trash cans in case it invades you, it just derails one of these bad guys and they all remain free. Weapon armor tampoco is undoubtedly a bad skill, so if you have the Hemoclobber you don’t always need the nade so a strong blow will heal you, especially if your team already has a medic who does that, and there are some good connections. ups you can do with 20 pesos you can’t do with 15 pesos.

Level 20 . skills

  • Zed’s Spontaneous Explosion: Loose Zeds that hit have a 30% chance to explode, damage, and attack near Zeds.
  • Make it work Boom: increases blast resistance by 40% and increases the impact area of ​​all explosives by 40%.

I highly recommend Zed’s spontaneous plot which is very useful especially when using Hemoclobber not only to cause zeds but to have the ability to deal extra damage while arrows this will happen over 30% se ve sombío, pero creame, is more common than you probably think. Making Things Work Boom isn’t a bad skill when using the RPG, C4 or Seeker Six, which deals 40% more damage to Pounds (and Zeds) with its ability to damage explosives that the eyes are very fast.

Level 25 . skills

  • Freak: During Zed’s time, all your weapons will disappear 3 times faster.
  • Block: during Zed’s time, the power of all unusable methods increased by 200% for all weapons.

I recommend Madman that the combination with Zed Time Reload is really effective. Lockdown Actually there is never a difference in its use. Zed Time’s skills for Survivalist are not good enough to begin with.


There is a lot of equipment for the Supervisor to adapt to your playing style

Garbage Killer / Medical Officer


  • Tactical Charging (for the speed of charging his gun).
  • Medical or body-to-body expert training (for healing or damage performance and extra speed).
  • Chaleco de munición (before the nade).
  • Spontaneous zed-plosion The way things get lost (for 30% of explosions or C4).
  • ZED TIME – Madman (Extra firing range for your gun in zed time).


  • HM Tech-501 Grenade Rifle
  • hemoclobber
  • C4

Total weight: 15

This is mainly focused on a support role in the group where his job is to kill the garbage present and the sanar of his team, the C4 is not only there to kill the garbage but also in case someone has kilos of desagradables scans. the C4 is one of the most damaging weapons in the game and the ability of Fleshpounders is already explosive

chief complaint


  • Heavy weapon training (loading speed in your role play).
  • Body to body expert (extra speed).
  • Chaleco de munición (before the nade).
  • Zed-plosion spontaneous The way things get lost (depending on which weapon you shoot next).
  • Madman (Extra Fire Chain).


  • Hemoclobber level 4
  • Lanzacohetes Tier 5 O Eviscerator Tier 5

Total weight: 15

Normally only use this during the boss, without a ban, you can also use it in later rounds for Scrakes and Fleshpounds in a way that is repeated more often

Unloading heavy cargo


  • Training with heavy weapons (loading for ballet).
  • Body to body expert (for speed).
  • Firearms (for an additional weight of 5).
  • Spontaneous explosion from Zed (30%auge).
  • Madman (Additional speed).


  • Ballet level 5
  • hemoclobber
  • C4

Total weight: 16

This setup focuses primarily on removing Scrakes and Fleshpounds with no restrictions, it is also designed for trash, Crossbow makes Scrakes a walk through the park, and the C4 paired with Crossbow makes Fleshpounds a walk through the park. Hemo is here in case you need health, ride zeds or your team needs health. The extra weight of 4 you can do anything with Magnum, Duel Buckshots, your choice

There are many more loads, only the loads that were empty and one of the most used will leave them all in the future.

Block and hemoclob

You may wonder why there is a section for Survivalist. Well, I don’t see many players blocking attacks in the game and of course sometimes you can survive in more terrible situations.

Block it and why I had to do it

br>You may have noticed that I choose the Hemoclobber for all my loads, not just because it’s an effective assassin and you have all your teammates, who are really good at negating the damage from those crazy Fleshpounds, if you playing a game, you know. you can’t run faster than a wounded Fleshpound, this is where the block comes in, every body to body weapon has a damage reduction, your blade won’t cut it against pounds, that’s where it enters the Hemo, what decreases it is much more your knife, this will also break the Fleshpound.

More about hemoglobin

One thing you may not have noticed is that between the panics (opens and closes the arms) Zeds lasts a few seconds with a solid slap, which is very useful. Another thing to keep in mind is that Hemoclobber’s powerful blow restores Zeds’ attack animations, for example:

if a Fleshpound is about to strike and you hit it with force, it will stop the attack animation and start to panic. Since you can’t follow a strong attack, there is a 3-5 second delay in between, not to mention Fleshpound will run after a single hard attack due to extra time from Veneno. One more note, it only works if you are NOT funny.

Why is Survivalist so underrated?

One of the main reasons for what I’m hearing is that it’s an all officers game, all other classes can do better than what I’m not sure of is the way the class is played. No doubt this is certain in some cases, for example the Firebug can do its job better than the Survivalist just because it doesn’t have Fire Resistance and Firebug does more damage with extra weapons so you usually get called, and the molotov for Survivalist isn’t the only thing short area, but it gets very fast. Another example would be Gunslinger, where the retrieval with his weapon is high and the Survivalist has no retrieval capability, so that’s pretty bad.

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