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Which team compositions work and why.


If the compositions of the team are sandwiches, then Gunthor is the bread: There are many options for what should go into the sandwich, but one option for what keeps the sandwich united.
Part of why this is the case is because Gunthor is the only tank in the game (developers have promised a new tank in the nearby park, so this advice may soon become obsolete). Gunthor has 14 life points. The second highest rated, Angor, has only 7! If you put Gunthor in place (my name for the cross of five figures in the middle of the map that will clear the cannons), your opponent will have to find a way to get rid of it with a shot, a shot or a change of character. capacity. Any other person can simply die before the cannons disappear. In addition to being the most toned, Gunthor’s passive ability, combined with preparing for the passive by using his active ability, has an unequal synergy with the active skills of Trauma, Angor, Shiryo and Jaril. In addition, Gunthor benefited most from the curations that Archaius or Bas III had initiated. Its activation is also the most reliable way to move an enemy figure to the passive abilities of Naima, Infestus and Coma. For those who carry the account, this means that Gunthor’s combination of active / passive abilities has a very good synergy with all the other characters.

  • Resume: all the teams want Gunthor

Passive artillery

Only two characters in the game can do a constant 3 damage alternately with their pass on any character that does not get out of the way: Naima and Infestus.
Doing damage without having to be activated is very valuable.

  • Resume: Almost all teams want Infestus or Naima

Kill passive artillery

Passive artillery also has its glass cannons (each has only 4 battle points), so each team must prioritize the elimination of passive artillery from the enemy.
Most teams will do this with at least one of the body-to-body fighters: Angor, Trauma or Shiryo. You can be sure that each of these characters will do 3 damage to their active abilities and 1 additional damage from Gunthor’s inactivity (see Gunthor section above). Hold without one of these three must have another way to inflict four injuries in a reliable way (or 3 injuries + Gunthor passive) or lose. Archaios is one of these characters. If you have already used its active in an alliance, then (once) at a later date, it can inflict 2-4 damage. Archaios made 3 injury points as he scored 4-7 losses in the one he found his ability. With Gunthor’s delivery, it’s enough damage to kill Infestus or Naima. Alternatively, you can contact Naima to use her activation on Gunthor and then do 4 direct damage with Archaios (as long as Archaios has 3 Gunthor casillas). Keep in mind that Archaios ‘Overload ability only has a rank of 5, but Naima’s activity has a rank of 6 :-(. Gunthor’s shots also lead to Archaios’ 3 damage Overload in the next turn is respectable and reliable enough to do 4 direct damage is Trauma or Coma’s Ultimate.The last of Trauma uses 20 energy; in general it is better to shoot with Gunthor and then use the Trauma activator (to save energy) The last of Coma instead uses only 10. But the last of the Coma is unreliable: at least it has not 4 loaded sand, and with only 4 of health it can easily die before crossing the battlefield to reach Naima or Infestus. Shiryo can make 4 damage points directly if he has let his pass in two turns, but a good player will put his men with a bit of magic health on a wall or position, thus depriving them of the opportunity to use Shiryo’s definitive abilities. You can still do damage with active Shiryo, but it is unreliable to reach the enemy character without receiving a blow on the road. It is best to rely on Gunthor pull + 3 damage Shiryo active (or definitive). Special Notes on Infestus: Infestus is also very difficult to capture, which can be located in any part of the map while its towers are damaged (in contrast, Naima’s passive AOE is attached to it). I discovered that Trauma is unpredictable against Infestus, which can kill it by its account (with the end), its passive destroys a poorly placed tower by itself, and its active can also kill a tower. Angor is so good against Infestus that you can kill torretas with its active. Shiryo uses his passive to attack torretas, which is not good.

  • Resume: Almost all the teams want at least one of Angor, Trauma, Shiryo or Archaios to kill Naima. If you know you’re against Infestus, you need to have Trauma on your team.

Specific team comps

Aggressive scoring

Contains characters that can displace enemies out of the point and / or characters that can stay at the point without dying too fast.

Gunthor, Passive Cannon, Trauma, Angor: this team uses Gunthor and Trauma to center around the point and Gunthor and Angor to defeat the enemy characters outside the point. Note: if Passive Cannon is Naima, then this is the original character team.

Gunthor, Passive Cannon, Baz III, Angor:Gunthor, Baz III and Angor have abilities to disperse the enemy. Baz III has the highest initiative in the game, it’s the only thing that makes it great to defend the point that you can move from one part of the point to another and block the enemies so they do not get into the point. Baz III and Angor are the only characters that can reach the point in the same turn as they are explained, making it possible to reach the point in the first turn is a viable strategy. Moving Baz III to the point in the first turn and Angor already at the point or aiming at the point (moving to the point automatically with his passive) is a viable strategy, although the third move from there depends on the actions of the enemy. Keep in mind that this strategy only works if the enemy starts with Gunthor (but it continues to be pretty good, already 90% of players already do).

Gunthor, Passive Cannon, Baz III, Trauma: this team is slower to get to the case, but Trauma can stick to the case much better than Angor, not only because it takes Angor’s passivity, but also because it can more easily block the enemy’s characters with his superior initiative.

Gunthor, Passive Cannon, Archaios, [Uno de: Angor, Trauma]: this team uses Archaios to make Gunthor almost impossible to kill and also deadly against an enemy Naima (using Archaios’ overload). Archaios’ definite ability makes mistakes: Despite what the new description says, he only makes 2 damage points. Despite these inconveniences, it is very difficult to control Gunthor with Archaio Ultimate activated.

Slowly but surely

It’s about killing all the enemy characters with Jaril or with Infestus and Naima.

Gunthor, Infestus, Naima, X: In fact, I have not tried Infestus + Naima (I have not seen anyone do it either), so I’m not sure who the fourth person should be. Probably trauma. Baz III could be a fun team composition that can use its definitive ability to put someone in charge of the passive Infestus and Naima. If you can make this team composition work, let me know!

Gunthor, Cañón pasivo, Jaril, [Uno de Angor, Trauma, Shiryo, Archaios]:Ideally, you lower Jaril’s level at the beginning of the game (though, if you can kill a character directly, that seems to be better than doing non-fatal damage to Jaril’s leveling), and that Jaril has leveled really well. In Level 2, Jaril attacks an enemy next to Gunthor, this enemy receives 4 damage in total. Which of Angor, Trauma or Shiryo is best, depending a lot on the enemy’s team / enemy’s playing style. Note: the player ranked as # 1 at the moment (Anoc) usually performs Gunthor, Infestus, Jaril, Shiryo. I will find that Gunthor, Naima, Trauma, Angor work better against this team now that this team is having trouble defending the three points, Jaril and Infestus at the same time (partly because they have very little mass control).

Gunthor, Jaril, Coma, [Cañón pasivo o Angor]:Here is the only one that can activate two Jaril hooks in one go. And you can do this with your passive or your definitive! Gunthor can use his activator to attack enemies through Coma’s passive AOE. Growing up with Gunthor and Coma after Jaril had spent his activist on an enemy almost never happened, unfortunately. Using your ultimate in someone with hooks is much more factual. At level one, Jaril’s action does a +1 damage for two hooks. Assuming Coma has three balas, you can continue with 1 Jaril damage point for an additional 3 + 2 = 6. It’s a decent amount of damage (especially against Trauma!) And a very realistic scene. Unfortunately, it uses 10 energy. If Gunthor is on the enemy’s side in the Coma Attack, it’s 7 damage points (Angor’s initial HP). In the middle of the game, Jaril’s hongs do 2 damage each, so this combo is converted to 1 damage in turn X with Jaril and then 3 + 4 in turn Y for a total of 8 damage. Without restrictions, only the Gunthor has more than 7 hp, so it has a limited use. Angor’s definitive ability can also be used to activate passive coma, and Angor is the best at threatening sabotage, which can give you a breath to configure the Jaril + Coma combination. For a team with the most damage, take a passive cannon as its fourth team member. Despite the fact that these team compositions are the best option you have for doing something with Coma, Coma has some potential and any team it will use will be a little worse than the other teams I have mentioned. what can give you a breath to set up Jaril + Coma combo. For a team with the most damage, take a passive cannon as its fourth team member. Despite the fact that these team compositions are the best option you have for doing something with Coma, Coma has some potential and any team it will use will be a little worse than the other teams I have mentioned. what can give you a breath to set up Jaril + Coma combo. For a team with the most damage, take a passive cannon as its fourth team member. Despite the fact that these team compositions are the best option you have for doing something with Coma, Coma has some potential and any team it will use will be a little worse than the other teams I have mentioned.

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