▷ Hunting Simulator 2 – Basic Hunting Guide

This guide will teach you the basic concepts of hunting and also teach you how to play correctly.

Basic Concept Guide

The basics to start with

What to do when it suits?

When you first go to the store, you will find that you already have a lot of money to use. I recommend getting an optician x6.0 which is probably the best thing to use. It will also provide you with the SF Blue X-bolt Blue Rifle which has .270-type ammunition, ideal for any target larger than a cat.

You may also want to have some cash in your pocket, whether it’s a bombing campaign or a double cannon. It’s very useful for killing multiple targets or flying fast, but be careful: the range for 12g and 20g is very short, so it’s better to stay close before you take off, besides, it can be quite complicated.

In terms of gear and equipment, the goggles are very nice, but they are also the ones you call to know where you are staying. The only people mentioned will operate once they are about 150 to 200 meters from their target. Advertisement: Predators, like you, are predators. When you use someone calling for them, they will approach you slowly and without fuss and will not respond to the person calling. I didn’t see the enemy until after the impostor.

Where to stay?

Roosevelt Bos

There are many good places to hide, but not all places have good places to hide. In Roosevelt Forest, keep in mind that his ears will probably be more useful than his eyes. The trees and vegetation provide good hiding places and the mountainous terrain makes hunting difficult. You might find a good game there, but honestly, who practices senderism these days?

Pawnee Meadows

  • Now Pawnee Meadows! No one obstructs his view, fields are lost in the middle of nothing, but that’s not what really matters. If you go to Pawnee, you’ll be happy to see that there is a farm south of the map and a road behind it. This could be the perfect place to hang out!
  • The field means the game is there and the road behind it assures you that new arrests will be sold in your area BUT! Getting away from a target at over 50 km/h isn’t easy and you won’t stop on this path.
  • Recommending to go to the pneumatic, I first refer to the bricks.

You are good and you have money now, what should you do?


Have you had great success on your hunting trips and now have you made enough money and feel insecure enough for more? Well, I have the solution for that.

I would suggest investing in a modern shotgun, my personal favorite is the Rec 10 Flat Dark Earth Cerakote mainly because of its caliber which is .308 instead of .223. Lost 10 rounds in the magazine but the power of braking, in my opinion, worth the pain.

When you’re fully equipped, you can join the great hunting grounds and there’s a lot to explore. From schools to main streets and even beaches! The hunt has just begun and the prisoners are waiting, so be careful!

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