▷ GTFO – How to use terminals

A guide that shows how to use the computer terminals in GTFO to find stores and packaging packages, as well as other items.

Terminal guide

First, use the article name and code, which can be found by typing “LIST” in the terminal, this will display a large list of articles with specific key codes.

Remember or note the specific things you need, such as lights, shops, appliances, or anything else you need.

Once you have the name of the item and the code you are looking for, type the query including the name of the item, the codes below that appear and the code number and then press enter, after a short time the terminal will tell you where the item is going hen.

The terminal will display a text showing the area number where your article can be located, if it is in the same area, you can ping the article and type the PING article name and number.

Once the zone number that your article is in has been specified, you can exclude all other zones, which increases your chances of supervision.

If you have already explored the map, you can consult your map to see the area code where its item is located.

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