▷ For Honor: How To Complete Orders Easily

I’ll show you how to easily complete orders!
It’s very simple and will help you get up super fast!

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This advice will help you especially if you want to avoid those pesky game modes with ‘low activity’, skip and elimination all the time!
Of course I only use this method for both modes, but you can use it for all modes if you want. As I do this guide, I have three orders specifically for Skirmish. Unsurprisingly, the Deathmatch game modes never seem to have anything higher than ‘Low Activity’. ‘Media activity’ if you’re lucky!

Step 1

So the trick to completing these rules is to simply go through the desired game mode and click the arrow next to ‘Player vs. Player’ button.

It should convert to ‘Player vs AI’ and look like this.

Step 2

Next, you’ll want to press the ‘F1’ key on your keyboard, or if it’s on the controller, press ‘X’.
You should have a screen that looks like this.

Step 3

Now it currently says “Matchmaking: ON”.
This means that you always look for other 3 players (if you are alone), up to the robots of verse 4. Without delay, we want to deactivate wrapping so that we can get into a game faster and there are no delays. To do this, hover the mouse over the large ‘JUGADOR VS AI’ button and press the spacebar. The A pressure is in the regulator. Should look like this.


Now you are done!
You retire and you can start your game. You are alone with 7 other bots. When you complete the game, you will receive rewards as if you were playing with real people. Your orders are also completed using this method.

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