▷ Folklore Hunter – Complete basic guide

This guide provides a complete overview of notes, locations, IA of monsters, errors, elements, elaboration, strategy and more.

Basic concept guide


Advertising! This game has advanced access so any piece of this information can remain obsolete to the extent that the developer is up to date.

Before you continue. Without a doubt, this game is extremely annoying the first time it is played. I’ll let you play it once and you’ll find things in your account. Once you have played once and want to know where to go to get ahead, read this guide.

Map of Night Of The Windigo

Location of notes

Map of all known notes Note # 1 Located in the camp just outside the house supported by a tree Note # 2 Placed in a bifurcation in the lane supported by a post Note # 3 Located in the cave under the rock behind a large rock Note # 4 Located in the upper part of the pantano Note # 5 Located at the place where the house disappears Although there are 7 points in total in the game, you can only find 5 of them. WIP

Points of interest

Map of all important areas The shaman’s house

  • Located at the top right of the map next to the river in a cave.
  • There are several Windigo bedrooms inside and around.
  • It has “Demoníacos / Antiguos” skulls and engravings and masks on its interior.
  • It has the same mascara that is in the house.

  • It does not contain elements or notes.


  • It is at the end of the main river near the top half of the map.
  • It consists of several small islands.
  • The deep boxes appear in the interior.
  • It has a note on the upper part of the island.


  • Located in the middle of the box on the NNW map of the bifurcation most out of senders.
  • It has a wide entrance with plenty of space at the end.
  • Contains a large face buried in the cave walls.

  • Can Windigo not enter the cave at night?
  • Contains note # 3.


  • Appears after night # 3.
  • It will disappear when you are gone.
  • It does not contain notes or elements.
  • Safe place for the night.
  • You can mount a noria.


  • Located in the lower part of the card outside the sender.
  • Contains space to place holes (not yet in the game) (these areas will soon be reused with metal supports).
  • It does not contain elements or notes.

Runas: ancient, constructor, capital, chief, cold, danger, fire, spirit, island, living, serpent, spirit.

Windigo Mechanics

IA de Windigos does not just show up at night and flow directly towards you. In fact, you have to find through the sight, the sound or the olfato.


  • The Windigo can place the meat on the map, and when that happens, it will move to areas with meat to eat the meat or meet you.


  • Windigo can be seen in the dark, but not through the fog.
  • Windigo will remind you where you last lived through memory or from these hidden “cameras” on the map.
  • These “bedrooms” can be rotated to prevent Windigo from seeing where they need to travel during the day.


  • You can hear Windigo slide, slide and, if you are close enough, run.
  • The best way to get a Windigo in your area is to fire a shot from your rifle. This generally causes Windigo to escape a sound similar to a rugido. When the Windigo knows where you are, you will also hear your characters whipping and breathing.
  • In multiplayer mode, disposing of your weapon can cause Windigo to leave someone alone in the woods.


Windigo emits a series of sounds during the night to catch it and make it hide itself. These sounds include:

  • Children crying / laughing.
  • Human voices.
  • “Leather instruments.
  • Aullido.
  • Gruñido.
  • Gruñido.
  • Burning fire.

Safe places

  • Windigo cannot enter the house at the beginning of the game. Once the house is gone, there are still many places where you can walk and from which he can not die.
  • The House.
  • “Safe sticks”.

  • Large stones.
  • The night cave without burning candles.



  • Has a magazine with 4 balas.
  • Infinite rank / No ball flow / Infinite displacement velocity.
  • Four friends are capable of multiplayer.
  • Just a while ago, Windigo did no harm.
  • You need to recharge manually.
  • You can get away with any selected item in the Hot Bar.
  • Given at the beginning of the game.

Silver sand mine

  • Ammunition for the weapon.
  • Available in boxes.


  • Right-click Inventory to use.
  • Fix the damage to the players or Windigo.
  • Available in boxes.


  • Right-click to charge the flashlight (L).
  • Available in boxes.


  • Coloque with a left click, when the element is stuck and shines green.
  • Enter Camera View with “TAB” and save with “ESC”.
  • Cover the bedrooms with the menu shown in the bedroom view.
  • Available around the map or in boxes.


  • Coloque with a left click, when the element is stuck and shines green.
  • It is used to attract monsters on slopes and areas (the monster eats the meat if the player does not meet).
  • It can be placed on traps.
  • Found around the map or kills curd.


  • Coloque with a left click, when the element is stuck and shines green.
  • As Monster climbs up the ramp, he is seriously injured and remains awake for 4 seconds (Windigo will wake up after being caught).
  • It can be restored with (E).
  • You can not take it.
  • Players can die for them.
  • It can be found around the map or in boxes or in the creation menu (3 screens = 1 screen).

Map of all items

Mistakes and mistakes

SmirkStick, if you are reading this guide, this part is all the bugs that my friend and I encounter while playing.

  • You can sleep until tomorrow after kl. 17.00 and make sure that the game resumes in time.
  • You can climb many cliffs in the cave as in the forest.
  • “Safety SticksTM” are everywhere on the map and Windigo can not hit with any of them.
  • You can not single objects in multiplayer mode.
  • The cabinets and traps can be reversed (in fact, there is no solution to this problem).
  • You can run sideways and backwards.
  • Load the weapon Load the entire loader instead of just the falling sand.
  • There may not be a fault, but Windigo cannot enter the cave.
  • When a camera is placed on the wheel of fortune, the camera model remains here while the view of the camera moves. It also works with cheat codes.

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