▷ Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

If you need a little help with some locations for your tools, you will find a written guide and a video guide if you prefer.

Location of all tools


You must leave your field to the south, take the first road on the east side, continue east until you are in the water, go south to the bridge that is blocked, just below the bridge you will see a box, inside there is a hacha rota.
To fix it, use the hammer to get the iron and then lead it to the iron.


You are going south from your field and then west until you are in the cave next to the train lines, then go in and roll the cave until you reach the end where a check awaits.
you need to use it to carry the hammer


After obtaining the hoz, jump out of the cave from which the hoz was retrieved and head north, use the hoz to cut the césped and drive north until you see another cave, enter the cave and push the barrel from its path at the top of the chest has the hammer inside.

Fishing cave

It’s time to bring food to Lucas, give him some food and tell you “I’m not like that.” Repeat a few times and give yourself the fish bowl to catch the food.

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