▷ Evolve Stage 2 – Lennox Assault Guide (weapons, comps and strategies)

In this guide, I review the basics of Lennox. I will discover weapons, compositions, and strategies for playing Lennox.

Lennox’s Complete Guide

Basic concepts in Lennox

Lennox is the Asalto class in Evolve. His job is to damage the monster at short range and put pressure from the lights.

His first weapon is the Auto Cannon. It is a reliable weapon when not used in confined spaces. You can attack the hp monsters and provide dangerous lifesavers from a distance. It’s a great defensive tool, but it has a few drawbacks. It has the widest loading animation of any attack, and its disappearances are slightly delayed, so when you disappear, aim forward. It has a large clip size, so it is not necessary to load it often.

His next weapon is the plasma thrower. It is a body-to-body weapon of short stature that causes more damage the more it hits continuously. It’s a dangerous tool for the monster, but aim carefully. The damage ramp can be rebuilt after falling, getting hit or not disappearing after a while. It can also be separated through small and stunted trees; you can know if the weapon will affect if your point of view turns red. Now you have the opportunity to attack!

His special skill is Thunder Strike. You can jump a short distance forward and cause great damage to the shock! It has a charge of 18 seconds, so plan with anticipation where it will jump!

His ultimate ability is, of course, the Armed Forces Matrix. If you are close to having some health. Once the matrix is ​​turned on, start playing carefully!

General advice for Lennox

Its automatic cannon can be a shiny assault weapon without the appropriate target; Remember to go forward now that you have shots backwards. When the monster focuses on you, use the automatic cannon. Plasma Lance cannot do continuous damage while hitting, so it is better to use the cannon to attack the HP monsters.

If you have Jetpack Recharge, you can fly more easily while using the plasma launcher! The monster will have more difficulty hitting. Just remember to pay attention once the monster has used its abilities and retreated.

You can use Thunder Strike to close the distance to the monster. It is a great tool to pursue; Jetpack boost and then use Thunder Strike immediately for a good chunk. If you do not use it in an enclosed environment, you can hit the edge of the roof halfway. You at least get ♥♥♥ t with aoe, then everything is fine.

Composition and benefits

Lennox has great potential for injury if he plays correctly, but he must also rely on good teammates to keep him alive and face the monsters! These are some of the compositions they work in.

Basic Comp

Lennox, Maggie, Hank, Val.

A great defense comp

Harpoons keep the monsters immobilized so they can strike blows. Be careful not to get hit from body to body when the monster breaks the harness to chain the spear. Aim for the start / disappearance points at the tip of Val when using the automatic cannon.

Benefits: Movement Speed, Jetpack Recharge.

Damage Comp

Lennox, Wasteland Maggie, Cabot, Rogue Val.

Harpoon still works here. Coordinate with Cabot as you amplify its Plasma Launch range and its Thunder Strikes.

Benefits: Movement Speed, Jetpack Recharge.

Chase Comp

Lennox, Abe, Sunny, Caira

Stasis helps to slow down the monster and catch it. Coordinate with Sunny to push the monster. Stay with your doctor to increase speed and remember to use Thunder Strike with frequency over a short distance.

Advantages: Speed ​​of movement

Laz Comp

Lennox, Griffin, Hank, Laz.

Play on defense. The steering is not a constant here, so be sure to keep the line of sight with Hank if he is focusing. Remember that you must never manually pick up hunters when Lazarus is alive.

Benefits: Health Regeneration, Jetpack Recharge.

Mother and son

Lennox, Jack, Hank, Emet.

Jack’s Repulsor can help prevent the monster from attacking Asalto. This is a good composition of cucarachas and can be very annoying to the monster in certain situations.

Pros: Speed ​​of movement, Jetpack charging.

Advantages not recommended: loading speed, damage reduction, damage bonus, increased capacity, fast change.

Reloading only works for Auto Cannon and Thunder Strike, there are better options. The only feature of the Auto Cannon also does not increase the amount that can be chained with the spear (sorry). Quick Switch can be terminated by blocking its weapon in recharge mode.

Jump Height is a great mobility option and can help you reach monsters in a higher area. Very situational, so I do not recommend it as much as the other mobility benefits.

Other tips

General tips and tricks for Lennox.

Plasma Lance can capture objects. First attention to the red cross as mentioned earlier, this is important because it allows you to know the moment when you need to strike.

Eye of any hostile fauna; One or two plasma shots can kill small animals. Be careful when confronting larger wild animals that need multiple blows to kill them, and be careful when loading or unloading to maintain the load of the launcher.

Thunder Strike has AoE damage! Use this against large groups of poor living. If you receive a hit with a skill while jumping, your AoE may still have the ability to strike.

Intends to predict where the monster will move to launch a Thunder Strike. Schedule the time correctly towards the point Abducción de Wraiths or the route of Goliath’s Cargo. It does not cover much height when in the air, so it stays in front of a Kraken and the moment it starts.

Get rid of a hunter so the monster can concentrate on another player. Access may not be an option, so use the automatic cannon to select your health.

Always play aggressively when your shield is ready / raised! It’s time to play the defender when the shield is down. There are some shotguns, if the monster does not focus on you, then it switches to the automatic cannon when you retire.

To join the beginning of a colony, you first intend to kill some wildlife and then attack the monster. You do not have to increase your damage against the monster that much and you will do more damage faster!

Problems with the Kraken? Go to elevated ground and stay with the automatic cannon. When Kraken falls, Thunder Strike / Plasma Launch goes! It can be useful to practice how to set the automatic cannon in single player games.

Plasma Lance has enough stamina to stay out of Wraith’s Warp Blast. Be careful not to get too close to the spectrum when using it. Ice from the top when using Supernova, help with a jetpack or Sunny recharging benefit to help with this.


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