▷ Dota Underlords – Tricks and Basic Tips

Just follow the instructions, but in reality there are several tricks you can do to maximize your chances of winning.
We highlight some features and strategies to help you improve your game.

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Manage your gold finances

Gold can accumulate interest, so keep as much gold in your reserve as possible instead of spending it on repetitions of draws at the beginning of the game.
The interest rate you will receive in the next round is calculated immediately after you start the match in the current round and is 10% of the total gold you have (the interest rate has a maximum limit of 5 gold).

In the first rounds, you can spend money on buying 4XP to go up faster, especially if you are behind your opponents.
A good round to use gold for 4XP is round 5: If you do not need to buy heroes, you can earn an instant level to put more in your bank.

In later rounds, once the gold has accumulated, the repetitions will be much more painful.
This is especially true now that you have access to heroes at a higher level in your store at a lower level.

Remember that the winning rachas and rachas lose the extra gold dane.
That is why coherence is important. If it loses, it is possible that you will continue to lose deliberately less than you are sure you can recover.

The extra gold winnings for the winners / losers are:

  • 3 rounds: +1
  • 5 rounds: +2
  • 7 rounds: +3

Losing weight does not mean that your opponent destroys you without rest.
Remember that the final damage to your health is calculated by adding all the stars of your opponent’s remaining strength (excluding the summoned heroes), thus minimizing the damage received by eliminating most of his troops.

Keep an eye on the other players

You can see other players’ tables by clicking on their identification fields at the bottom of the screen: ¡

Almost anything on your opponent’s screen can be revealed this way!
You can see their heroes on their chessboard and bank, the total amount of gold they have, their XP, their active alliances, their fighting actions, etc.
You need to periodically review your opponents ‘tables to see if your heroes’ active alliances are thwarting yours. .
For example, if many players use the “Demon Hunter” alliance, and your cast depends on a large scale of demons to do damage, it may be time to change the cast of your cast.

Understanding the Global Purchasing Group

The heroes displayed in your shop are selected to win, according to a global group shared by all players.
This means that if your opponents have purchased many copies of a particular hero, they are less likely to see it in your store.

A General Council must be more flexible with its alliance strategy and be available to change it if its alliance group is active (or if the RNG god is against it).
Always look at your opponents’ screen to see their tables and benches, finally to check if they are buying the heroes you were looking for.

If you rise fast enough, you will have access to higher level heroes compared to other players and you will be able to buy them from the group!

Put on your heroes

Your device can be placed in all the 8 × 4 lower squares.
Say hello to you! Put the most vulnerable heroes on the back and let your tank heroes take the first line. This reduces the chances of your most vulnerable heroes being eliminated at the beginning of the battle.

Some players like to tie all their heroes to the corner of the board to protect themselves from violent heroes who are being teleported (for example, the Queen of Pain) who are being teleported except for their ejaculation.

Test of the composition of the alliance of power

You can quickly see the composition of its execution using the icons in the Alliance party.
When you click on the alliance icon, it will resize the heroes (as much on its board as on its bank) associated with that alliance. This allows you to quickly form the synergies of alliances you want, especially if you are new to heroes and can not remember their alliances.
Drawing a hero on the board will also generate a line connecting the drawn hero with other heroes sharing the same alliance.
Unfortunately, this may not be very convenient for dedicated users 🙁

Maximizes its saqueo rounds

Button rounds are when they fight against IA instead of against another human player.
The button rounds take place in rounds 1, 2, 3, 10 and at intervals of 5 from then on (ie 15, 20, 25,)

No damage during the button rounds (and therefore does not affect your chances of wins and losses), so it is better that you put together your energy to win them, because if you lose a round of buttons, the game selects a button for ten.
The objects on the button are generally quite powerful, so do not miss the opportunity to choose the most suitable for your composition.

You may want to consider using a special position for your heroes during the bot rounds (in such a way that body-to-body heroes are ahead).

Domestic RNG

A common denominator of this game is that RNG plays an important role.
While it can be frustrating, the best thing you can do to prepare yourself is to plan in advance the various possible alliance compositions that you can create for its execution.

This requires you to learn about the different heroes of this game and how many heroes have been assigned to an alliance (you can access this information in the game guide).
This allows you to calculate the probability of achieving certain heroes. Of course, be flexible with the composition of its equipment if necessary.

Use keyboard tools

Yes, they exist.
You can use the keyboard to access the store, instead of having to move the mouse around the screen.

The predetermined keys are:

  • Open / close shop: Space
  • Buy one of the 5 items: 1/2/3/4/5
  • Reroll: R
  • Block: Q
  • Ghana 4XP with 5 gold: T

The game has many other key features (for example, accessing other players’ tables and switching to the list of alliances).
To view these direct access, see Configuration → Quick Access Keys.

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