▷ Devolver Bootleg – How to Achieve Infinite Life in Catsylvania

How to achieve infinite life

Well, to begin with, I’m not 100% sure what the upper limit is, but I get the counter for my extra eyes to 11, so I go with 10 and assume up to 99 or less.

The first thing to understand is that the weights attached to the armor will leave extra visions when an extra armor is worn on the top of the screen.

The second thing is that the control points in the game after each pair of screens, so if you hit before entering the forest, you will return to the initial screen.

The third and final part is to fall into a position (like the one on the screen before the forest), without removing the armor being worn.
All this is the same as if you can clean the first two screens with enemies without receiving damage, frolic both armor flaps and then jump on the pole before the forest you will get +1 extra visa every time it hits. Running is easy enough to chronometer and kill without receiving damage, without embargo, the ghost takes a while to get used to jumping with the Castlevania springbow from the old school.

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