▷ Descenders – Molienda de picos de alta reputation

Detailed instructions for cultivating reputation points in picos.

Reputation and how it works

Reputation is what you get for doing interesting things.
If you are reading this guide, you already know.

You probably thought to yourself that you could not cultivate reputation, because every time you go to the small ones you end up losing reputation and every time you go to the higher countries you end up not gaining much in the first place.

So instead of explaining how to gain reputation (which should be obvious to anyone who has blocked direct access to peaches), I will explain how to lose reputation.

  • RECT: -5% of its representative
  • Withdrawal: -2% by his representative
  • Fianza: -1% of its representative

Have you observed how these are all percentages?
It is possible that the effects of this will not be felt yet, but before you get the ultimate odds, you will lose the scooter with 2k repetitions per. hit, 4k pr. retreat and 10k per. rect.

The players at the top of the ranking tables lose more than 10,000 repetitions in a single match alone!

So the key to agricultural reputation is not to be saved.
Or retire. O consiga rekt. Always.


Of course, there are tricks to not saving.
Get ready for the race.

The bonus targets are for the rebels.

Bonus goals like “Get a 720” or “Finish in 50” will give you a small health bonus.
This is great if you are struggling to finish, but if you are struggling to finish, you will never stop saving in any way.

No rescatas, verdad?
I do not think. This means that the reward goals are only a matter of time before the trial period process is abandoned, which will reward you with the opportunity to lose more reputation in one session.

Ignore the bonus goals.
Always. If you are in the last position, ignore the bonus goals. If it’s easy, I’ll ignore all the ways. If you can not help yourself, the goal is to fail, even before the helicopter lands.

¿”Finish without frustration”?
Phah! “Finish without frolicking your skeleton” is the only extra measure you need.

Where are the points?

In a typical picnic race you will get between 20k and 30k repetitions, of which 14-21k will be the captain’s jump.
There is no need to go into tracks with a lot of acrobatics and try to get a reputation there, it’s a waste of time.

Graphic configuration

  • Soil quality: Set it below. This makes the difference between the track and the snow easy to see, but more importantly, it means that the messy rocks outside the road are no longer covered.
  • Level of detail: Set this value as high as possible. That means you can see these messy rocks from much later.
  • Field Depth: Disable this setting. In addition to being very slow, dive into the things that are too close to your speed. The last thing you need is a dull sight when driving at 90 km / h
  • Vsync: Disabling this will give you better performance and responsiveness

Space angle

On my first day, I get 400,000 repetitions with a method that is ineffective in the first person, so any camera angle will serve for this.
Without hesitation, if you are unlucky enough to get a track of “Where is the road?”, The wizard changes the camera so you can more easily see the rocks at the bases.


The launch

When the helium jumps, it always stays straight.
Do not turn, do not fire, do not bomb. Do not touch your nails. Just speed up. Carrying your own helicopter is the most painful feeling you can imagine.

Riding shoes

If you still do not have the account, you can move the joystick just before landing (and hold it down while hitting the floor) to give you a little more freedom to keep your jumps, but you still need to keep speed.

If you make a mistake in a jump and you are about to start moving backwards from the landing ramp, press the brake and press the control button to go to a control point or the helicopter.
It’s a guaranteed death right there.

As you have already noticed, certain jumps require specific speeds.
They will be numbered more in advance, but a general rule for normal roads is to focus just over 50 km / h to get the high-speed combination, but not too fast to control.


If you lose a checkpoint, continue.
You’re not going to pay the promise, are you? Well. Then the checkpoint is not necessary. The only checkpoint to be taken is that which is before the jump of the boss, which I will explain in advance.

If you get out of the way, close the brakes and reopen as soon as possible, even if you send it back to the helicopter.
The snow is on its way back and you can take a long path down a long stretch of road if you get off the road.

You meta

Remember: your only goal is not to give up.
You do not need to do tricks, you do not need to be fast, you certainly do not need to do the bonus goal. Just need to reach the end without answering.

Select your track

When the first track is completed, you can select the next one.
Ignore the bonus goal. He may have soft tracks, but if you have a very steep course without acrobatics and low curves, it will work too.

I’m going to stay close to the center to have more options to choose from later, but if you’re on board and only have one difficult course, do not drive back.
It will only sound and water.

Salt and how to beat them

All speeds are in km / h.

catch it

Golpee is about 40 + – 5 in a straight line.
Less than 30 and probably will not make it, more than 50 will disappear without any problems. More than 60 and saldrás without paracaídas.

Depending on the angle and height, it is possible to wish to add or become 5 at this speed.


Ideally, you should turn these to 45 – 50. If you lean forward, you can drive directly to a hill even at speeds as low as 35.


Jump this to 60 with a jump.
You can do it at 55, but you will have to turn 90 degrees to the sides to lift the wheels.

If you are slower than 55, just return.
“Sweet spot” and “Burn” are too risky.


Picking up before this is easy enough with a jump, and the precision of the speed is sufficiently indulgent for you to solve it yourself.
Passing the hostel works most of the time, but sometimes it’s too high to jump so slowly before rolling the ramp if you intend to do so.


You should get in depression about 45. You will raise a bit of the floor if the angle is too long and locking your back is complicated.
Only with frequency do they return.

Pozos enemies

These are disgusting.
It is believed that you have to jump, but in the first person you can not see the other side, and often it leads you to jump directly against a wall.

When you see the red flags, the speed drops.
Those who want to keep you close and fall into the pit, then gate to the other side. Yes, it’s a little convincing, but it’s also the only sure way to do it.

Do not intend to go to the side right away, the giant stalks will appear out of nowhere once you have committed to your path.

The boss’s jump

Initially, you want to get the checkpoint before the boss dies.
This is important because it allows you to experiment with the leap without dying.

When going downhill, open the brakes to keep your speed around 60. When you are in the middle of the road, step down and go to the bottom.

In the middle of the jump, your speed will be one of these:

  • <78: It's not enough: you have to hit your face against the middle of the pipe and you have to die. In theory, you can do that with a skittle at that speed, but you want to go faster.
  • 78/79: This is the speed you want.
  • 80-83: This will override the delay. You can survive with a counter bomb and restart, but if you expect too much, the boss’ jump will “agitate” and get into your points group, and you will have used most of your points, so you must click restart before you finish your combo!
  • 85+: You’re dead brah

So this is what you want to do:

  • <78: Release the brakes. You can still stop before crossing the ramp and press resume as you go to move to return to the checkpoint and try again.
  • 78/79: Drive to the final without bombing or jumping and you will hit stop.
  • 80-83: If your speed exceeds 80 around the top of the jump, simply press the brake and you will reach the landing.
  • 85+: Yes. Brake. Let him reach the 70s and let him jump, stop and reinicia. O fiancé. But you do not want fiancés, do you?

If the checkpoint has been restored, you can experiment with the correct speed until you are ready to start in earnest.

When it reaches the center of the tube, it goes into attack mode and jumps from the other side at full speed, with a counter-bomb to land on.
Then just drive to the end.

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