▷ DARQ – Tower Runner Adventure Guide (tips and tricks)

Here are some tips for Tower Runner odds. You have enough trouble getting it done, but I managed to get it done (apesto with speedruns, you can too).

Guide to earning Tower Runner odds


Before I start, there are some tips that helped me follow it. Always send mail, even at short distances. Also, always say that you have to press the ‘action’ key so that the character starts the animation as soon as it is about what it wants or activates.

Step by step – Tower Runner

  1. Once the game is loaded, press the red button, look at the box until the end and get your first one (Shortened Head 1). On the way back, before going through the wall, press the red button again so you are in the “normal” world. Take a few steps from the button and lift the bridge. Use the red button again, go through the wall so you are right where you started, but with a bridge to continue in the “normal” world.
  2. Pass the elevator and go straight to the right and use the opportunity to go through the wall to get the belt. You do not have to worry about your head now.
  3. Use the steering wheel belt and go up to the fifth floor. Here you will solve pyramid breakdown as quickly as possible (using the same moves that you used to get the related odds). Follow the other (cut off head 2).
  4. On the way back to the elevator, use the switch to raise a door from the floor below. Go quickly to the elevator before the door closes again and go to the right, on the 4th floor. Connect cable 1 and a handle.
  5. Return to the elevator and to the second floor. On the right side, use the handlebars to open a door and get a skeleton block.
  6. Go back to the elevator, go up to the 4th floor. Then on the left side you will solve the divisions in this order: top corner on the left, bottom corner on the left, bottom right corner and top right corner. Follow your third (abbreviated head 3).
  7. Go up to the fifth floor once more and all the way to the left. Use the red button, go through the wall, press hard and press the key button first. Then use the red button, climbed through the wall, use and slowly place the cross and the eye button in that order. Line up the skeleton block you obtained before, then use the red button to go through the wall again. Press the red button again and press the last button. Connect the cable 2. On the way back, press the red button, go through the wall, press one last time and go to the elevator.
  8. On the third floor, use the wires to be able to use the handle in front of you. These “rompecabezas” only require you to get the box using the belief and the columns on the numbered buttons. (the numbers are just as much as I can say, but I think it’s much faster if you start from 123, and from here make a square with the box ending in button 13). Open the box through the lid that has just been opened and closed. Return to the beginning of the floor, use the handle to lift the box and lower it to the second floor after the exit.
  9. This will be your last required head. You own your head. Use the guillotine to cut off your head. Beware and without time to lose, go up to the first floor. Put the heads in place and activate the handle. Drive through the agujero.
  10. Congratulations, good luck.

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