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The fourth DLC includes two new civilizations, a new scene and another chance for Scythia.

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Logros the DLC

King of the four corners of the world

Gonna be a regular game all that Cyrus

Persia can change playstyles during the game: in the beginning, thanks to UU and Cyrus UA, you are in a good position for a dominant victory.
In the middle of the afternoon game, you can no doubt lean on a cultural victory thanks to the Pairidaeza band and trade routes.

A little wine for your soldiers?

Play as Persia and conquer the original hidden capital in 10 turns to declare a surprising war in Scythia

Play on a duel map against Tomyris and find the position of the hidden capital: you have to plan your attack carefully, you have a time window of only 10 turns.
Build a strong army with body-to-body ranged units and some anti-caballery to counter Scythia UA and UU. Build your troops as close to the capital as possible before declaring war and ignore the enemy troops if possible. If you don’t want to lose too much time on this, then of course play a Hotseat game.

I will cover you with blood

When you play Scythia, you will get back one of your foundational cities in Persia.

The main problem here is the stupidity of the IA, especially when it attacks cities.
Play on a duel map and establish a city near Persia, then declare war: wait for Cyrus to capture the city and then recapture it. If this is too frustrating, you can always use a Hotseat game.

Convoy sent

After building the Apadana wonder, build 7 additional wonders in the same city.

To build the Apadana miracle, the bourgeois political philosophy is needed: I propose to use China for this thanks to the bond of building miracles of the ancient and classical era.
You’ll probably want to pursue this alongside the seven wonders of the post-apocalyptic world.

Never lose a fight

Gonna have a normal departure already that Alexander

Macedonia is a civilization of pure domination and victory: a little war chant means you can keep attacking your enemies and get more rewards for your defeat.

Rush camp districts and Basilikoi Paides to gain knowledge and preserve the minds of their opponents while building a strong force to overthrow them.

The bigger is the biggest

Play as Macedonia and conquer a city that contains both the Great Library and the wonders of the Great Lighthouse.

Getting this in a normal game is hard because you need some great stuff in the same city, but you can always use a Hotseat game.
Use China as the second player on the duel map to speed up the construction of the great library (registered civil history) and the great lighthouse (celestial navigation technology), then declare war on Alexander and conquer the city.

No more worlds to conquer

Ghana conquers Alejandro in any difficulty

This is a 60-turn purely military scene (in the case of the settlers): like Alejandro, you must capture all the cities on the map (28 in total!) before the time runs out.
The first part is quite simple: attack the Persian cities of Anatolia one after the other with your troops while improving your capital and producing more units. Feel free to ignore Athens: it’s not worth wasting time at the start of the game (unless you’ve already reached the explosive Panoplia); you can create a new powerhouse from your capital and eliminate it later when your main frontline runs out.

Once you arrive in Mesopotamia, you will conquer a new empire and conquer the cities of the Mediterranean coast and Egypt, while your main force continues to advance to the east.
Your main force will eventually be split in two after the conquest of Babylon: you must target Marakanda and Patala simultaneously as your ultimate targets as you traverse the remaining Persian cities. Caution: Patala is going to be a real headache thanks to his Varu, so attack with force. Take advantage of the ability to heal your units when you conquer a city with a villain: be very aggressive, put a general on each unit’s side, keep attacking and complete the scene

Do all hearts have the name itself?

With some effort, establish four towns in Conquistas de Alejandro.

We found 4 new towns in the Conquistas de Alejandro scene to unlock this.
Feel free to loot any enemy city you conquer to leave room for your colonies.

Panoplia resplandeciente

After conquering a city in Conquests of Alexander, do all of the following: Hoplite, Saka Horse Archer, Maryannu Chariot Archer, Immortal, and Varu

To get this, you need to conquer several cities in the Conquests of Alexander scene:

  • Athens gives you 2 hoplitas (you need one to win)
  • Memphis gives you a Maryannu carriage
  • Pasargadae gives you 2 immortals (you only need one of course)
  • Marakanda gives you a bow on the horse Saka
  • Patala gives you a Varu

Remember that during the conquests you must have your great General Alexander in a barracks next to the city to obtain the units.
NOTE: You must place all of the units needed for the odds at the same time. This means that, for example, if you lose all immortals/hoplitas before you can get the Varu, the luck will not be unlocked.

Keep your unique units in a safe place while pursuing this feat.

You are the biggest protester

Achieve the highest possible rank in Conquistas de Alejandro in Deidad difficulty.

First of all I would like to thank Cosmegos for the advice in the comments, I really can’t explain how to recommend it.
You must win the scene with a score of more than 200 points for this chance (NOTE: I don’t play with deity so if the description is wrong or the odds are running). With 5 points per city, this means conquering the 28 cities (5 × 28 = 140) on the map and finding at least 11 new settlements (5 × 11 = 55, the last 5 points are your capital). Follow the No More Worlds To Conquer adventure guide earlier for this scenario.

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