▷ Civilization VI – How to play Mvemba in Nzinga & The Congo

Mvemba in Nzinga / Congo gets a number of improvements and nerves to the game.
Therefore, this civilization has become very specialized and especially applicable on maps with important tropical forests / deserts, especially on maps of large size.

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Mvemba can not establish a religion.
But you can use one.

It simplifies the first choices of the game, even at the expense of relinquishing a religious victory.
In return, focus on exploring and appreciating your closest neighbors. Ngao Mbeba, a replica of a swordfish unlocked with Iron Working, can move quickly through dense forests and tropical jungles to capture wandering colonies.

While your villagers focus their energy on founding a religion, you are building an empire.
But you do not have to take it to conquer a citizen if he is about to start a religion. If you occupy a holy city, you can buy missionaries to spread in its capital.

When the religion expanded to a Congolese city, a theater district or Mbanza was built there to get a free apostle.

(A more advanced but more peaceful way of acquiring religion is to visit a woman who has found a religion that will establish itself among them and send a merchant. In time, the religion will spread passively or through missionaries).

Early expansion

Mbanzas is the only neighborhood in Congo.
It is unlocked long before, in the storms, and always gives +5 to live independently. Without restrictions, it is difficult to be built alone in forests or tropical forests. This means that the Congo cannot expand into the desert or the snow and leave these areas to aliens or aliens.
As always “play the card”.
If there are areas of tropical rain and / or forest, instead of investing in living at the beginning of the game, use Colonization to expand your empire, up to Gremios.
Then it is possible to wish to conquer the invading colonies and / or the war to gain territory.

The largest collection of relics, sculptures and artifacts

Congo gets food, production and extra gold from each relic, sculpture (a specific type of large work of art) and archeological artifacts.
Therefore, you should aim to collect the largest collection of relics, sculptures and artifacts from the game.

Kandy often appears in games with Congo.
Intends to convert to sovereignty to obtain a free relic by discovering a natural wonder. Yervan is another major city-state for Congo. Its sovereign can choose the Martyrs promotion for the free apostles of the Congo, who will leave you a remnant when you die in a religious battle. Some generals produce a relic when they retire. Beautiful choices can also produce a relic.

Relics are the game’s first great works.
Mbanza Congo (gorra) has room for 5. If you gather some, think about conquering the holy city of religion that has relics. Otorga triple tourism and belief in relics. (If you play on larger cards, it is very likely that there is a religion in your game as well).

For sculptures, contact the next great artist available on the Great People screen.
Only bright Grand Artists will produce sculptures. Congo generates double points for great artists, so building or conquering a theater district will help you win the competition if the next one is a sculptor. (If that happens, you can always make him a spy wearing espionage or capture / exchange it in the war).

Archaeologists can excavate artifacts built in cities with an archeological museum.


Like Congo, priority will also be given to commercial districts and traders.
Congo earns twice as many points as the big grocery store, which makes it possible to do with the big grocery stores that produce specialty luxuries. Toys, jeans, perfume and cosmetics.

These will help supply raw materials to maintain a large, high and / or old empire.

Traders will build roads to and from the capital through dense forests and tropical deserts.


While Mvemba is planning an early aggression, an early expansion and conquering 1 or 2 holy cities to promote the religion.
If your empire converts to a religion, that is, most of your cities follow, you will get the same benefits as its founder. So be prepared to eliminate the founder and play on a smaller card to avoid a religious error!

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